Our Store

­VFC offers a one-stop shopping experience in a beautiful and comfortable environment to match the integrity of the product on our shelves. We are a full service community-owned food co-op emphasizing organic and local foods.

We have an extensive bulk selection, body care & supplements, fresh local & organic produce & meats, craft beer, & artisan wines & cheeses from local farmers/producers, plus all around the world!



Our Produce Department is committed to carrying over 95% organic produce of the freshest and finest quality possible. There are always organic and seasonal items on sale for both VFC members and non-members alike. When selecting what gets put on our shelves, the Produce Department priorities are as follows (in this order):
1. Local Certified Organic (seasonal)
2. Certified Organic from closest source possible
3. Local Non-certified Organic (seasonal) 

Direct questions, comments or special order inquiries to: Linda Gallardo, Produce Manager



Here at the Viroqua Food Co-op, we have a versatile and outstanding selection of cheese to satisfy even the most experienced cheese connoisseur. Our domestic cheese selection offers handcrafted specialty cheeses from dozens of artisan Wisconsin cheesemakers: Carr Valley, Capri Cheesery, Castle Rock Organic Dairy, Cedar Grove Organic Cheese, Dreamfarm, Hidden Springs Creamery, Marieke Dutch-style Gouda, Organic Valley, Sartori, Westby Cooperative Creamery – this list goes on and on! As unique and illustrious as these local cheesemakers are, there are many outstanding imported cheeses to choose from at our store, as well! You will find that we are quite open to cheese requests... If your favorite cheese isn’t available on our shelves, let us know and we will do our best to get it in for you!

Questions, comments or special order inquiries can be directed to: Sarah Clemens, Cheese Buyer

Deli and Bakery 

Enjoy our VFC Deli as we serve three meals a day from the hot bar, soup and salad bar, fresh baked goods and espresso bar with customized coffee drinks, hot or cold sandwiches, personal pizza, and more!

Questions, comments or special order inquiries can be directed to: Sam Witte, Prepared Foods Manager



Beer, Wine and Spirits

VFC offers a unique and ever-changing selection of beers, wines and spirits. We have wines from around the world, local wines, as well as an impressive selection of organic wines. Check out our beer case where you’ll find a great selection beer with an eye toward local and craft brewed. We also carry a limited, but widely-varying selection of high quality spirits that is sure to meet your needs. 

Questions, comments or special order inquiries can be directed to: Greg Cheesebro, Bulk, Beer and Wine Buyer



Our well stocked Grocery Department offers a wide range of affordable healthful choices with an emphasis on organic, local and sustainably produced foods. We understand the importance of special diets and strive to offer alternatives. We carry many gluten free, dairy free and plant-based products as well as alternative sweeteners and low sodium choices. Our dairy cooler is stocked with high-quality, fresh dairy and milk products, most of which are organic and many are locally grown and produced. All are guaranteed to be free of artificial growth hormones. You’ll find a huge selection of yogurt, organic milk, kefir, local butter, local eggs, as well as local fermented products. VFC also carries a selection of non-dairy alternatives, such as: soy, rice and almond milks, non-dairy creamers and yogurts, vegan mayonnaise, and even some dairy-free cheeses.

In our frozen department you’ll find a comprehensive selection of natural and organic frozen meals, pizza, pasta, as well as local and organic fruits and veggies. We also offer a large selection of frozen gluten-free breads and baked goods.

Questions, comments or special order inquiries can be directed to: Jonah Curley, Grocery Manager

Meat and Seafood

The Viroqua Food Cooperative Meat Department offers a variety of fresh and value-added meat products, both fresh and frozen. Grass-fed and organic beef in a variety of cuts, organic pork, organic chicken and lamb. We also offer sustainably harvested seafood. Our focus is on the sustainability of production, animal welfare, and the economic prosperity of family farmers. We strive to offer the freshest product available at the lowest prices possible while still providing the meat producer with fair and equitable wages. We also provide superior customer service offering the option to place special orders on any product available in our meat cases.

Questions, comments or special order inquiries can be directed to: Ethan Schandelmeier, Meat & Seafood Manager


The VFC Wellness Department strives to cover a variety of your supplemental, as well as body care needs. Aisle 3 includes our body care products, such as: hair care, dental health, essential and carrier oils, plus many of our Local Producers' products are located here! Aisle 2 provides a variety of: vitamins and minerals, herbal as well as homeopathic remedies, flower essences, protein and green powders, probiotics, CBD products and so much more. We do offer a small, but high quality selection of bulk items at the end of aisle 5, such as: shampoo + conditioner, body lotion, bath salts, shea butter, and Dr. Bronner soaps.

The Wellness Staff is committed to holistic health and focuses on high quality, environmentally clean and natural products. We are here to help and if there is something you are unable to locate, maybe a special order could be placed!

Questions, comments or special order inquiries can be directed to: Arwyn Wildingway, Wellness Buyer



Buying in bulk allows you to cut down on unnecessary packaging and buy only the quantity you need. You also know that you pay for the quality of the product, not the expense of the packaging when you buy in bulk. When reusing containers, it is important you consider the following: container is clean, dry, and the serving utensil does not touch your container (scoop, spout, or spoon). This reduces the chance of possible contamination from your container to the bulk bin or from someone else’s container to the bulk bin to you. If looking to purchase a pinch or a pound of bulk ingredients, click here for further instructions on how to save!

Questions, comments or special order inquiries can be directed to: Greg Cheesebro, Bulk, Beer and Wine Buyer