Want to own a grocery store with your friends?

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Join over 4,000 of your friends & neighbors in co-owning the Viroqua Food Co+op!

Here are the ways you benefit from becoming a Viroqua Food Co+op Owner:

  • Receive a $10 coupon and additional product coupons when you join, plus a free gift when you pay for membership in full.
  • Discounts exclusive to Owners. 
  • Special order discounts of 10% off retail case price when you order by the case. (During Covid, some products are not available by the case.)
  • Discount on food and cooking oriented Driftless Folk School classes. Look up specific classes here and utilize your owner number when you see the VFC coupon below the registration information.
  • Participate in co-op governance, elect annual Board Directors or run for an open seat on the Board.
  • Earn a Patronage Refund in profitable years when declared by the VFC Board of Directors.
  • Be actively involved in the economic development of your community through supporting local farmers and food producers.
  • Shape the future of VFC by attending the Annual Owners Meeting and participating in focus groups and surveys.
  • Vote for your favorite local nonprofit organization (NPO) to be a recipient of VFC’s Give Where You Live/"Round Up" Community Donations Program.


How Do I Become an Owner?

1) Fill out an owner application

  • Fill out an owner application available at any register in the store, OR
  • Apply online by filling out the PayPal form on the righthand side of this webpage.

2) Pick a payment option

  • Pay in full and receive a free gift!
    • $75 for a 1-adult household 
    • $150 for a 2-adult household 
  • Begin with an initial payment of $25 (1-adult household) or $50 (2-adult household) to be paid in full within one year.
    • Benefits begin upon the first investment.
  • Once you are paid in full, that's it. There are no yearly renewal fees!

3) Receive your new owner packet

  • Packet contains new owner card and bonus coupons exclusive to new owners.

4) Begin shopping

  • Always provide your owner number to cashier upon each purchase so they can be applied toward any potential Patronage Refunds.

5) Provide us with updated information

  • If you move, change your name, or have a change in household members – be sure to update our records so we can stay in touch with you! VFC takes your personal information seriously. We will never share your name or contact information with anyone.


What's the difference between Class A and Class B stock?

With each membership comes shares of Class A & Class B stock!

Your ownership contributes to the Co-op’s capital.

Each adult membership is $75 in VFC stock. This goes towards 1 share of $25 Class B voting stock and 2 shares of $25 Class A stock – all of which is refundable. A 2-adult household would then purchase 2 shares of $25 Class B voting stock and 4 shares of $25 Class A stock.

Two Class A shares must be purchased in addition to the initial Class B stock in order to complete the membership payments for a single equity membership. Check out the Equity Withdrawal Forms by clicking here.

Why does my initial $25 go toward Class B stock first?

This $25 share is the first share purchased by new owners. It gives you immediate membership and voting rights! In order to keep these rights active, the total of $75/owner must be paid in full within 1 year.


Click here to download the guide for new VFC owners!

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