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Winter Wellness with Arwyn Wildingway

Posted by Arwyn Wildingway, VFC Wellness Buyer on Tue, Jan 19, 2021 @ 10:06 AM

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In this time of uncertainty and change we can still count on the earth to keep turning. The seasons keep shifting and winter is now upon us. Some of us hate it and some of us love it. I advocate that finding peace and making friends with the cold helps keep us in a healthy mental space that definitely influences our physical health. Do your best to keep moving; go outside to enjoy the natural beauty that the complete change of landscape gives us, and as you feel the cold see if you can notice it without judging it as bad. Also, embracing the cold is much easier to do when you wear the right gear!

Positive mental outlook is one component that keeps our body healthy. A clean diet free of pesticides, GMOs, trans fats, highly processed meats and edible food-like substances also helps keep our inner landscape clear to function normally. The VFC focuses on making clean, nourishing food available to you and your family. Thanks for supporting us so we can support you!

When you need extra immunity support, we have that too! These days we’re hearing in the news about the benefits of zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D to help keep our immune systems functioning well. We do have those individual vitamins and minerals but since they are in high demand, they are occasionally out-of-stock. Don’t forget we also stock multivitamins. Exemplary companies such as Enzymedica, NOW, Super Nutrition, Garden of Life and Rainbow Light provide a good baseline (if not higher) of each of those aforementioned vitamins and minerals, along with other high quality immune-building ingredients.

Herbal Immune Builders

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For as long as us humans have been around, we have been using herbs to help us maintain our health. Some herbs nourish our immune systems and help prevent sickness – like echinacea, astragalus, and elderberry. Locally-made Four Elements Immune Blend is a tincture combination of these herbs. Herb Pharm’s Daily Immune Builder is another blend of herbs that help you keep your energy up. It includes reishi mushrooms, as the fungal world also offers deep benefits to us. Herbs Etc. named their mushroom and herb extract Deep Health, as it helps build our vital energy reserves (chi). And the Host Defense company, which is committed to sustainable production and pollinator protections, makes several mushroom combinations that keep our immune defenses up.

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Multistrain probiotics not only help digest your food, increase needed elimination, improve brain function and mood, they also assist your immune system in keeping up defense against pathogens. In addition, taking Enzyme Defense from Enzymedica will give your body extra support to break down and digest the invaders. If you’re a fan of traditional Chinese medicine, we also carry a couple choices there including the new CV Acute. Remember to drink lots of clean water to keep yourself hydrated and flushing out the unwanteds!

Pulling Out Weeds

If you feel yourself “coming down with something,” there are several things you can do to head off the illness. The homeopathics Oscillococcinum, Umka, and Sambucol Flu and Cold Relief are all effective at stimulating your body to initiate a healing response. Herbal remedies for the critical beginning time of an illness include fire cider blends (ours is from Mickelberry Gardens in Oregon), Rapid Immune Boost from Herb Pharm, and Counter Attack by Rainbow Light (which contains my favorite helper, andrographis). It’s easier to get rid of a cold or flu illness when it’s small (like pulling a weed is easier when it’s a seedling than when it’s fully grown and flourishing) so be kind and listen to your body this season!

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