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Posted by Jan Rasikas, General Manager on Mon, Nov 01, 2021 @ 02:45 PM

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Welcome to the season of shared meals, favorite recipes, and that time of year that turns an ordinary meal into a special occasion. A time of stories, traditions, remembrances, and gratitude. As you plan your menus and prepare for the season, we are here to help.  

Back in Spring 2020 at the start of the pandemic, we saw a small but critical disruption in the grocery supply chain. Since then, the entire food industry is showing the effects, especially as we prepare for the holiday shopping season. While packaging and distribution problems continue to affect product availability, we continue to work behind the scenes to find solutions. This means buying more of the pantry staples that you rely on, identifying products that are unavailable or in short supply, and always seeking options that work as not only replacements but perhaps as new customer favorites. It also means effectively communicating to you when you can expect a product you love to be back on our shelves.

On a local level, it means communicating with our farmer partners and understanding what crop outcomes to expect. For example, when we understood how a late frost and a drier-than-normal spring would affect this year’s local apple supply – we planned for what was available and then sourced more from a regional grower to fill in the gaps. When we knew that a low cranberry harvest last year may lead to a shortage of canned cranberry sauce this year, we checked in with local growers to find that the fresh crop looks great! Be sure to give the From Scratch Cranberry Sauce recipe from our November Newsletter a try. It’s quite easy and makes the kitchen smell lovely.

We are proud to be your trusted source for good. local. food. With offerings from our fresh departments like local turkeys, housemade seasonal sides, fresh-baked pies, and other bakery delights – to the grocery staples you rely on every day – we’re here for you.

We are grateful that this community has chosen us as a place to belong, to shop, to gather, to nourish. VFC Owners and shoppers show up every day to keep our vibrant cooperative economy thriving. 

With thanks and gratitude,

Jan Rasikas, General Manager