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Viroqua Food Co-op Owners Speak

Posted by Bjorn Bergman on Mon, Oct 03, 2016 @ 07:00 AM

This past spring 2016, VFC conducted an online survey of Co-op Owners. The survey response rate was the highest we’ve ever had. It is an extremely important process for the VFC Board and Management to see how we are doing at meeting your needs and find opportunities to improve the Co-op as we go through the expansion process.

We wanted to take a moment to share some of the exciting results with you!

2016-I-love-co-op-father-daughter.jpgOf VFC Owners, 88% indicated that overall they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the VFC. Along the same lines, 91% of owners said they were extremely-likely or likely to recommend VFC to a friend or a colleague.

Of VFC Owners, 56% said that VFC is their primary source of groceries. When comparing this with 37 other food co-ops in the national database, VFC ranks 1st!

VFC Owners were asked to rank the three factors which, if implemented, would cause them to spend more of their grocery dollars at the Co-op. By a considerable margin, lower prices is the most important factor. VFC is actively addressing pricing throughout the store, and with the help of the National Cooperative Grocers (NCG), has greatly expanded the number of products in our Basics Program.

Support for Expansion

Owners were asked about the degree to which they support growing the Co-op during the next 1-5 years. To which 75% of survey respondents either strongly or weakly favored growing the Co-op in the next 1-5 years. The top five design features VFC Owners wanted in an expanded VFC were: expanded indoor seating area (21%), green technologies and building practices (18%), additional parking (16%), classroom and/or meeting space (9%), and outdoor seating (9%).

Here are a few comments shared with us about expansion:

“Expansion is absolutely needed and we support it! Thanks to our Board of Directors and management for a great Co-op.”

“We need a full service meat, seafood and deli counter, and more prepared foods with higher quality and still have value items for low income.”

“A customer service desk would be helpful for us customers looking for quick answers or reduce the length of the check-out lines when needing to return items.”

“More indoor seating would greatly enhance deli use. Things are packed tightly enough that it can be difficult to find space for carts to pass each other in the aisles. A less crowded situation would likely bring in more customers from the local community as well.”

“Improve the Deli by adding space and people. Viroqua has only one good quality healthy restaurant option and the Co-op should think of itself as a restaurant and food store. Of course all this means you will need to improve the parking options as well.”

Your responses are invaluable when it comes to planning for the future of the VFC. You can check out the complete Owner Survey results online here.

In cooperation,

Bjorn Bergman, Outreach Coordinator

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