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Food Fight – Revolution never tasted so good!

Posted by Charlene Elderkin on Sat, Jan 21, 2012 @ 06:00 AM

Save the date!

The Food and Farm Initiative of the Valley Stewardship Network in partnership with the Viroqua Food Co-op will show the film “Food Fight” on Saturday February 18th from 3-5PM. Organic popcorn with delicious toppings and old fashioned organic candy will be available along with refreshments.

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Right2Know March for GMO Labeling

Posted by Charlene Elderkin on Mon, Oct 17, 2011 @ 11:18 AM

Do you think genetically engineered foods should be labeled? A February 2011 MSNBC poll showed that 96.2% of 45,410 respondents think so. Yet, foods with genetically engineered (GE) ingredients are not labeled. Consumers who wish to eat or avoid GE (also known as GMO, short for Genetically Modified Organism) foods do not have the information needed to make informed choices about their food. The Right2Know March aims to change that.

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You have A right to know whats in your food

Posted by Charlene Elderkin on Wed, Oct 05, 2011 @ 02:49 PM

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