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Things We Love... in the Deli!

Posted by VFC Marketing Team on Thu, Jun 27, 2019 @ 03:33 PM



I've been digging on the Tomato Basil Hummus Naan Pizza. The kalamata olives go perfect with the hummus – and it's ready in just a few minutes!

Jake S. – Deli Staff



I love the Korean Rueben because it's a little bit spicy but hits those umami taste buds!

Naomi S. – Deli Staff


The 4-year Aged Gouda is my favorite cheese because it’s a little bit crunchy, crystalline, and is meltingly smooth! I like pairing it with different foods, but I secretly eat it by itself, too.

Haley S. – Marketing


Our house-made Americanos energize me throughout my workday. I like getting mine iced, but you can get yours hot, too!

India S. – Deli Staff


My family and I have been enjoying the Whole Milk Mozzarella by the pound from the Deli case. We like to make homemade pizzas but it's also great for sandwiches, too!

Matthew A. – Deli Staff


I enjoy the Chicken Burrito with our red salsa. This mouthful of joy has chicken that has been marinated with love and served with care.

Luica A. – Deli Cook


As a meat eater, I went out on a limb and tried the Veggie Delight– my new favorite. Creamy pesto, tangy balsamic, melted feta, roasted beets and chewy bread make it unlike any other sandwich you’ll find in town.

Aurora B. – Board of Directors


Our Cheesecake Bars satisfy my sweet tooth after a great meal. I just love their creamy textures!

Nancy M. – Grocery Staff



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