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Things We Love – Next Level Summer Smoothies

Posted by Shana Meshbesher on Thu, Jun 21, 2018 @ 03:21 PM

Check out these staff-picked ingredients that bump your 
Summer Smoothies (click here for recipes), popsicles, morning coffee, even your basic cooking & baking recipes to the next level!


Dairy-free Milk Alternatives: While we aren't ones to deter you from enjoying the ridiculously high-quality dairy selection here, we want you to know that these dairy-alternative milks are also available for you! Be sure to ask VFC Staff which ones they prefer. A lot of us have our favorites, depending on how we use them.

Bone-Broth* Ancient Nutrition

To keep immunity boosted and joints feeling good, use the turmeric protein bone broth in rice or quinoa the same way you would a bouillon cube. For breakfast, try the cinnamon apple as it tastes like “Cinnamon Toast Crunch” when shaken in a lidded-mason jar with almond, hemp, oat or cashew milk!

* Navitas Organic * Amazing Grass


The “Superfood” blends include essential nutrients, antioxidants, and adaptogens, which are all great for digestive health and helping with energy and vitality. Check out the version for children that's easily added to water or juice. This could be used as a daily nutrition shake, or when an extra boost is needed.



* BulletProof 


Calling all coffee drinkers: take coconut oil and multiply it by 18x's to get the Brain Octane Oil. This stuff is not only for those converting to a more Ketogenic diet, but also for those looking to add mega benefits to their morning coffee. Collagen Protein, on the other hand, is like adding tons of both protein and amino acids to your coffee, health shakes, and even DIY gummy candies. Ask VFC Staff Member Crystel about her favorite recipe that had both kids and adults asking for a second helping!


* Tera'sWhey * Nutiva

Tera'sWhey is not only local, but a grass-fed whey protein that makes an impressive no-bake chocolate oat cookie (

While Tera'sWhey is dairy-based, enjoy Nutiva Hemp Protein in all different flavors if you prefer a plant-based protein, which offers the added benefits of extra plant fiber, too!



* Bulk Fresh & Frozen Fruits

While there is a science to all these recommended products and their serving sizes, there is absolutely noneed for a recipe to determine how many servings of fruit you toss in to any smoothie or health shake. The trick is to get great at picking out your favorite ripeness of your favorite fruits, or even easier – grab some bags of frozen fruits in our freezer section. That is all you need to become a Smoothie Alchemist in the kitchen! Friendly reminder: if your blender can handle it, toss in some spinach, parsley, or a couple carrots, too.

* Organic Valley Fuel


Organic Fuel is ideal if you want to a) support local and b) add even more protein grams to just about any blended drink that could use a chocolate or vanilla-flavored protein bump! You can also eliminate unnecessary plastic use with these packets versus the liquid 4-packs in the Grocery Department.

Vital Proteins-Collagen



* Vital Proteins 

The grass-fed, pasture-raised collagen peptide packets are where it’s at if you want to continue your wellness routine while on a weekend away. These are unflavored and dissolve super quickly so are easily added to anything on-the-go.

Ultima Electrolytes* Ultima Replenisher

We like Ultima because we like electrolytes in the summer. Slip these into the beach bag, a purse or a picnic basket. Bigger containers of all these products are available, but these are nice starter packets to see what features and flavors best suit your taste and texture preferences!






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