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The Epic Easter Egg Hunt of 2015...

Posted by Crystel Curley on Wed, Apr 01, 2015 @ 04:02 PM

Easter End Cap

We are ready for spring here at the Co-op. You can hear it in the birdsong, feel it in the sunshine and smell it on the breeze... Spring has arrived!!! With it also comes the fond family memories of hunting for brightly colored items, be thee eggs or be thee baskets, filled with sweet treats or other wee treasures.


Top_End_Cap We have collected a wide assortment of classic treats to fill any bunny’s basket - our Easter end cap is full of jelly beans, chocolate rabbits or frogs, beeswax egg shaped candles, egg dying kits, foil wrapped chocolate carrots, and bunny gummy treats.



I like to get creative with things so here is my Easter gifting idea this year: check out these 8oz Preserves storage containers – they look like eggs! They come in three bright springtime colors (green, orange and turquoise) and are made in the USA of 100% recycled BPA free plastic. With an excellent screw top lid, these containers will gladly hold lunch food or travel snacks in the future. For now let’s see what else will fit in them for the making of an epic Easter Egg Hunt of 2015… 


Finger_Puppets             Square_Shot             Big-Square_Shot

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