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Hot Fun in the Summertime!

Posted by Shana Meshbesher on Sat, Jul 17, 2021 @ 11:09 AM

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Pack for a snack or a meal!BlogImage-2021-Summertime Fun

The quandary that never ends: When does a snack qualify as a meal? A sandwich doesn’t need a plate or cutlery, but can gratify even the gluttonous! Although – hard salami, slices of cheese, some fruit, and a favorite beverage can fill one up... So, which is it? A snack or a meal?

I love snacks and the more they keep my energy levels consistent, the more likely I am to keep them on hand! If you’re hopping on your bike this summer, keep a snack “go-bag” ready. I keep a cloth bag of reusable cutlery, one sharp knife, a dish towel or reusable cloth napkins, all wrapped in a beach towel or table cloth that can convert into a lawn blanket – and perhaps a resealable container, to save some snacks for later!

When you get to the Co-op, now all you need to grab is a protein, a fruit, a carb’ if you enjoy a good cracker or bread, and a 4-pack of whatever wets your whistle!


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Zhoozh up snacks to make a meal!

Raw nuts & seeds. Not all raw seeds/nuts are alkaline forming, but they do all offer a good source of protein, fiber, healthy fats and other nutrients.
Fermented foods. I normally rely on homemade combos, but Fizzeology’s Kickapoo Kimchi is my ultimate flavorful substitute for salad dressing.
Cheese & mushrooms. Raw cheeses and sautéed mushrooms create pleasurable substitutes when meat is what you crave, but $$ is what you save. Ever grill portobello steaks?! They soak up marinade + grill faster than any meat protein!
Tapanades, pestos & salsas. Eliminate food waste with those yummy half-finished jars of olives, rich pestos or leftover salsas and sprinkle them atop a salad or nacho plate. Level-up your snacking!

So next time you can – bike to the Co+op, bring your snack “go-bag,” stock up, and snack steadily friends! 

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