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Strong Local Food Economy

Posted by Jan Rasikas, General Manager on Fri, Aug 20, 2021 @ 12:00 PM

BlogImage-2021-Local Food EconomyOur Mission is clear when it comes to supporting locally produced foods. Sourcing locally strengthens our small-town economy, builds sustainability and ongoing regional food security. It’s important to note how the resiliency we create through our support of local served us during the pandemic. The relationships we have with local producers kept our shelves full of fresh foods, even as the regular channels for food distribution were strained from unpredictable consumer buying. You may have noticed that products are still sometimes unavailable – but local, seasonal and fresh produce is always at the VFC!

We measure our success and see growth in local product sales, year over year, so we know we’re on the right track. The VFC’s commitment to a stronger local food system goes beyond selling products though. The Co-op also supports local growers with an interest-free microlending program, and we award small grants to local nonprofit projects that inspire folks to learn about food and eat healthy. 

We want good food to be affordable too! Our Board’s Ends Policies puts a strong emphasis on creating food access, no matter what your grocery budget. This means we’re constantly working on ways to honor the real cost of clean, healthy foods at a price you can afford. We promote accessibility throughout the Co-op with nationally negotiated sales called co-op deals. These deep discounts and coupons are found in the bi-monthly flyers and help you save on groceries and household items. Local products are often included in the weekly fresh deals for produce, meat and seafood, cheese, and deli items. These are rock bottom prices on staples and fancy favorites alike. Watch for Flash Sales and holiday specials when we really go deep on discounts! We pledge to increase our offerings in the basi¢s program this year. This program brings together the manufacturers, distributors, and retailers like VFC, to bring the lowest price possible to our co-op community. These basi¢s products are predominately certified organic to bust the myth that organic food is too expensive.

There is great value in spending any of your shopping dollars at our local co-op. Our commitment to support local farmers, local producers as well as programs that help keep organic groceries affordable, is at the heart of our Mission and exists for the betterment of our community. 

Thank you for choosing the VFC!

Jan Rasikas, General Manager