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So Much More To Come!

Posted by Jan Rasikas, General Manager on Wed, Dec 19, 2018 @ 12:19 PM

Congratulations to our Co-op Community!

We made it past the construction phase of the expansion and we’re on our way to enjoying the spacious new Co-op. It was exciting to see our community turn out for the Grand Reopening Celebration; what a wonderful way to kick off the next chapter of VFC. New owners joined, we had record sales, and every one of our partners in this endeavor came to wish us well.

I am truly moved by the dedication VFC owners show to keep our mission at the forefront of all we do – supporting locally grown and produced foods, buying organic, and creating the community center we longed for when we defined our mission goals 20 years ago.

And how about those Solar Panels! Many thanks to Ethos Green Power and crew for making alternative energy a reality at the Co-op.

But, are we done yet? The answer is a resounding NO! There’s so much more to do to finish the expanded space and create a warm and inviting co-op. In the weeks to come, you’ll notice the finishing touches planned for our new space. Like, the messages and connection to our food that distinguish the Co-op from other grocery retailers. Visual reminders of our mission, local farmer profiles, our local designation of a 100-mile radius around Viroqua, and the local non-profit organizations we support as a membership are still coming.  And of course, signs to help us find our favorite foods are on the way!

Next spring, we’ll complete the graphics planned for the windows facing Main Street to help travelers recognize us as a grocery store, and add large planters to distinguish the pedestrian areas from the parking lot. It’s great to see the plan come together for the large outdoor area to the left of the front doors, now filled with organically-raised Christmas trees without taking up parking spaces to do it. This area will hold our garden center and outdoor events in the future.

How are we doing so far, you may ask? Good news here; the project was three months longer than planned due to delays on equipment deliveries, but still came in slightly under budget. And we are meeting our sales projections as well. Woot!

Thank you VFC community! You are the reason we have a strong local and organic food economy in Viroqua.

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