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#P6 Profile: LüSa Organics

Posted by Bjorn Bergman on Tue, Jul 14, 2015 @ 09:44 AM

In her 20’s, Rachel Wolf was captivated by the concept of soapmaking. The idea of taking simple, raw wolves-2014materials and through chemistry (and maybe a little magic) turning them into something to clean and nourish the skin sounded wonderful. After years of reading about soapmaking, she mustered up the courage and taught herself. With a group of friends, she made her first batch of soap in 1997. Things just snowballed from there.

That same year, Rachel started Queen Bee’s Earthly Delights, which produced natural soaps and other body care products. This small business venture/hobby was a lot for the Wolf family at the time – Rachel worked full time as an environmental educator and her husband Pete worked full time as a solar electric system electrician.

In 2002, Rachel and Pete had their first child, and the couple decided to take a leap. Rachel quit her job so that she could focus on raising their son. In her spare time, she continued to make and sell Queen Bee’s Products at farmers markets, as well as to friends and neighbors. At this time, she also began making body care products specifically for pregnant women and babies.

In 2006, with their daughter on the way, Pete quit his job so that they could focus all their energy on raising their children and growing their business. In 2008, they changed the name of their venture to LüSa Organics to combine their baby and body care products all under one brand. The namesake is inspired by their two children, Lupine and Sage.

Today, LüSa Organics is a small, but growing local business. They offer a full line of natural body care products that aim to enrich lives through the pleasure and the positive impact of their business practices. They handcraft a full line of soaps, balms, sugar scrubs, and essential oil blends for adults, babies, and children using the best, primarily organic, ingredients they can from the most ethical sources. That means: local sunflower oil from Driftless Organics and calendula flowers from local growers Harriet Behar and Megan Pierce, fair trade shea butter from a women’s worker-owned cooperative in Togo, and goat milk from their own goat, Melissa. They scent their products exclusively with essential oils and use only natural pigments, herbs, and clays to color those products.


While they have a full line of body care products, Rachel does have a couple products that are her favorites. “I’m awfully smitten by Da Balm, our new itch balm. I use it on my family’s eczema, on mosquito bites, and any mysterious rashes.” She also says that LüSa Booty Balm, their award winning balm for soothing and healing any kind of rashy/sore skin (diaper rash, cuts, scrapes, windburn, sunburn) will always have a place in her heart as well as her medicine chest.


Currently, LüSa employs six people (Karen, Angie, Brandi, Jordan, Rachel, and Pete) at their production facility within the Food Enterprise Center in Viroqua, Wisconsin. When you purchase LüSa Products, you are not only getting body care products made with high quality ingredients that also smell great, you are supporting a small, family-owned business that supports six Driftless families that you probably bump into at the VFC every week.

To learn more about LüSa Organics, check out their website at: While you’re there, be sure to take a peek at Rachel Wolf’s blog about her life at LüSa, being a mother, herbalist, homesteader, homeschooler, and all around rock star. 

Next time you are at the VFC, check out the amazing selection of LüSa Organics Products we carry in aisle #5!

Lusa is part of the P6 program at the VFC because:

  • Local: LüSa Organics is located in Viroqua, WI less than one mile from VFC.
  • Small Producer: LüSa Organics is owned by Rachel and Pete Wolf and their products are delivered directly to VFC.

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