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P6 Producer: Drawings by Daryl

Posted by Bjorn Bergman on Mon, Dec 12, 2016 @ 06:06 AM

Daryl Skrupky-RGB.jpgDaryl Skrupky is a friendly fellow and has been a lifelong artist. He first began dabbling in the art world by drawing portraits in college. He graduated in 1969 and was hired as a biology and earth science teacher at Kickapoo High School. During his 37 years of teaching there, he continued to draw and his subject matter branched out into his love of wildlife and the natural world.

“I started making art because I couldn’t find the artwork that I was looking for.” What he was looking for was art that fully captured the beauty of wildlife and his fascination with the outdoors.

Daryl-Basement Art.jpgDaryl’s colored pencil drawings are where all his passions are fully realized. His main subject matter is anything to do with nature: trout, bluegills, muskie, deer, mushrooms, hostas, cranes, song birds, woodpeckers, herons, and humming birds.

A few years into retirement, Daryl showed his artwork to friend Bill Mapp, a former Viroqua High School art teacher. “Bill was impressed and encouraged me to make prints out of them and try selling them.” Bill and Daryl worked together to find a printer who could “get the color just right.” Once accomplishing that aspect Daryl Skrupky-Artistof the process, Daryl started exhibiting at farmers markets and art shows. Since then, his artwork has gained popularity, especially with people interested in wildlife. Today, he sells his artwork at the Viroqua Farmers Market, many retail locations throughout the Driftless region, and at art shows around the state.

If you want some of Daryl’s art work in your home, purchase a framed print right off the art wall in the VFC seating area now through December. You can also find his greeting cards year-round at the Viroqua Food Co-op.