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Local Producer Profile: Diane Splinter

Posted by Shana Meshbesher on Thu, Nov 23, 2017 @ 07:34 AM

Diane Splinter

She told her mom at four years old that she wanted to either be an artist or a farmer, but quickly admitted she’s not a very good farmer. Luckily for Splinter, her artistic skills are exceptional! Her watercolor and mixed media based paintings-turned-greeting cards invoke sentiments of peace and connectivity with nature.

Diane’s vision states: “By weaving intention, emotion, and sometimes calligraphy in artful imagery of nature, my work is a reminder that we are all interconnected in the vast web of life. We cannot value and save what we do not have an emotional, heartfelt connection to.”

It’s hard to study her artwork and not feel connection to the world around us – whether through wildlife, outdoor scenes, or her vivacious, yet serene color choices within each composition.

Diane Splinter-RGB-web-2.jpg

She has always admired the story of Sadako and the 1,000 cranes. Check out her beautiful new origami card as it is perfect for truly every occasion. Maybe it’s the rainbow of colors (special nod to diversity), the origami cranes of peace (see: Sadako Sasaki), or maybe it’s the beautiful Japanese script (her delightful Japanese-American neighbor did the translation to ensure the message is correct)! She says that everything cranes symbolize for her came full circle when she made this design and describes the honor she feels to sell these prints at our community’s Co-op.

“My mission is to have my art be a visual reminder of our connections to the natural world and to each other.” 

Splinter says it best on her website to say that she is “Creating art that is a reminder that we are connected to nature and the collective whole.”

So please remember this holiday season: You directly support this local artist and many more when you purchase gift cards from our store!

More information about Diane Splinter here:


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