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Let's Celebrate Our Cooperative

Posted by Jan Rasikas, General Manager on Tue, Oct 01, 2019 @ 02:00 PM

BlogImage-2019-Celebrate our Coop QuoteOwnership is a big deal at the Viroqua Food Co+op! The 4,213 folks that have invested $75 in the Co-op are the owners of VFC. We’re a community-owned enterprise that exists to serve you. In return, our owners keep profits and wages in our community and support a wide range of community organizations, small-scale agricultural producers, and programs like Co-op Community Fund and Micro-lending Initiative. October is Co-op Month and it’s a time where we give even more attention to celebrating co-ops and expressing gratitude to VFC Owners for your ongoing patronage.

Our bounty of local produce is amazing this year! VFC’s local farmers and food producers are committed to bringing us beautiful, fresh, organic foods. The dairy, prepared foods, and wellness departments feature the high quality products you expect from your Co-op, with grocery and bulk aisles rounding out our full-service store. New meat and seafood programs are rolling out to bring you fresh cuts and sustainably-sourced beef, pork and seafoods.

As I walk our aisles, I am amazed at the variety of products available at our Co-op. We take a lot of care in selecting products for our shelves.

It is a not-so-great comment on our food system that we need to track and avoid so many undesirable ingredients. Yet we see that pressure from consumers is influencing packaged goods companies to embrace organic production, eliminate added sugar, reduce the number of ingredients in their products, and move away from excessive packaging.

VFC buyers and staff, who are also owners and shoppers, share your desire for a cleaner, more transparent food system. Our buyers make decisions based on a set of criteria for their departments. We source fresh, local, organic foods and products whenever possible. Our products never contain artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, added hormones, parabens or hydrogenated fats.

We share good information about our products to help you choose wisely. We always put the health of our customers and community first and with your support, we’re building a local food community united around the highest standards. 

All of us on staff at VFC appreciate your ownership at the Co-op. We know you have other options for where you spend your grocery money. We also know that our product knowledge and great service are key to creating the VFC experience our owners enjoy. Your shopping dollars help us cultivate a resilient local food system.

Thanks friends, for putting your trust in VFC and for shopping with your values. We hope to see you at the Annual Owners Meeting.

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