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Posted by Andrew Anderson on Fri, Mar 02, 2018 @ 06:54 AM

Andrew-Wieser-1.jpgAfter a tremendous amount of dialogue, organization and planning, we finally broke ground on the Viroqua Food Co+op addition to serve the ever-expanding needs of our community, owners and staff. The plans for a phased project mean that we continue serving our community while simultaneously and literally building a new store around us. On paper, this process looks manageable – but planning and implementation are two very different things. As our staff will attest, it isn’t easy to work in a construction zone.

We've teamed up with the Wieser Brothers-General Contractors again for this project. As the design-build firm for our initial project, and a small back stock expansion a few years ago, Wieser understands our existing building better than anyone. Working alongside their crew has proven to be a remarkable experience. They make accommodations daily to their tasks at hand so we can keep the Co-op open and maintain the quality of service that our community has come to expect.


I have had the opportunity to spend the last nine years in a variety of different roles at VFC; from IT to Store Management, to Prepared Foods Manager, and now as the Operations Manager. I’ve gotten to know and love our staff and dedicate a substantial part of my life to contributing to the experience that makes our Co-op special. It is more than just brick and mortar, it’s the steadfast, smart and considerate staff that make us who we are.

Now more than ever, our employees prove each and every day that they are willing to go to great lengths, no matter how challenging, to keep our community fed. They wade through the construction site to stock those beautiful local carrots. They walk miles each day to keep our dairy case full and packaged grocery shelves abundant. They navigate a maze of temporary doors and dimly lit corridors to secure our building every day. They work in confined spaces so 


that you can get a hot meal any time of day. The Viroqua Food Co+op is full of extraordinary employees who go above and beyond, every single day, to bring you the food and services that you value most.

Our journey is just beginning. While we have felt the pinch of expansion, we are now entering a phase of opening up the walls of the existing space to integrate with the new store. This is going to be even more challenging for staff and customers as we set and reset our layout multiple times to allow construction to move throughout the building.


It will challenge us all, but I am confident that our staff and community are the type of individuals that will persevere and will make the best of a hard situation to see our Co-op flourish and blossom into something greater.

The Co-op is open daily 7am-9pm throughout the construction. As the project proceeds and products get relocated – be sure to ask for any assistance. We're happy to help however we can!


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