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Think of Our Green Pastures

Posted by Shana Meshbesher on Tue, Apr 13, 2021 @ 12:44 PM

As our lands start teeming with life again this spring, what legacy are you leaving behind on this – our community’s – green pasture?

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I’m a native who moved away – far and wide for what I considered a long time. Now, I call my resettlement back in Viroqua a long time (8+ years in the Marketing department at the VFC). It’s through my travels and time spent elsewhere that I appreciate more fully what it is we have here – one of the “greenest pastures I’ve found yet!”

This past year of introspection/slowing down has given me a new perspective on how our world functions at large vs. the way our collective community does. 

Every April I reflect on Earth Day and what it means for us – immigrants, natives, locals, and transplants alike – and here are some thoughts to consider:

Interconnected supply chains
The world went into lockdown one year ago and we all got a reality check, no longer being able to “get whatever we want, whenever we want it!” This invisible connection has been wildly taken for granted. I recognize that each of us benefit from access to worldly products (my love for avocados, chocolate & coffee does not go unnoticed). But as the springtime offers a breath of rebirth, I think it’s a smart time to ask ourselves: Is this purchase – a want – or a need? Either way, can I find it locally sourced? Or make it? Or at least trust that my money directly supports those who produce it? 

Clean air & safe drinking water
In the past year, we watched different landmasses be consequentially affected by fires, floods, and even unanticipated freezes. Regarding businesses as well as local lands, let’s count our blessings that our community members are continuously working in tandem with pro-environment, nonprofit watch groups in the area to help maintain the health of our region.

Wisconsin’s legacy of the first Earth Day in 1970, thanks to Gaylord Nelson
Did you know Earth Day was started by our then-Senator, Gaylord Nelson – instigated by a massive oil spill and inspired by the student anti-war movement? Well, now ya’ know!

Did you know they chose April 22 because it was a weekday falling between Spring Break & Final Exams in order to maximize the greatest student participation? Well, now ya’ know!

Did you know that first Earth Day led to the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as many other first-of-their-kind environmental laws? Well, now ya’ know!

As our lands start teeming with life again this spring, I ask you to consider: What legacy are you leaving behind on this – our community’s – green pastures? 

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