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Going Bananas at the Viroqua Food Co-op

Posted by VFC Produce Team on Sat, Jul 04, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

As many of you noticed before the sliding doors even open to the store, the bananas are hanging! Thank you so much for the great feedback and support. The positive customer feedback was almost overwhelming the first week it was installed.


We invested in this custom built “banana tree” to fit on our fruit display for many reasons:

  • Damage Reduction: caused from stacking and shelving bananas; bananas keep better when hung.
  • Staging/Ripening: we can hang the yellow bananas under the green ones to assist with a most naturally and evenly ripening process.
  • Quantity: we can hang more bananas than we can stack on a shelf. When the hooks on the banana tree are all full, we have 6 cases hanging (our old surface display only stocked 4 cases).
  • Pricing: we hope to avoid another banana price increase this coming year by reducing our damage and increasing our volume of sales.
  • Shelf space: the banana tree gives us another 8'x4' section of display space. This allows for a bigger variety of products in our fruit section.

Our Produce Staff is rotating the yellow banana singles and small bunches on the banana shelf for quick, small grabs (as well as by our Deli counter in a small fruit basket). All other yellow bananas are hung on the lowest hooks, with the green fruit on the highest. This placement makes the ready-to-eat bananas easy to shop, with the added benefit of helping the green ones to ripen.

Please stop and ask questions should you have any, we’re always happy to talk with our customers about produce!

Linda Gallardo, 
Produce Manager

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