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Sleigh All Day & Wrap All Night with These Gifts!

Posted by Shana Meshbesher on Wed, Nov 29, 2017 @ 07:21 PM

Blog-2017-wrap all night_2.jpg(Click photos to get better view of the gift ideas within each image; photo will open in new tab!)

Traditional wrapping paper was accidently invented one holiday season when a small company sold out of tissue paper and opted to sell sheets of decorative paper meant to line envelopes. Then that sold out too! Soon after, they started printing their own rolls of paper meant to wrap gifts. When tape came along, you can imagine how the rest was history.

Prior to fancy wrapping paper, and still to this day, gifts have been wrapped in many things: cloth fabric, brown craft paper, tissue or newspaper, and even fancy boxes secured with string or yarn, then sealed with wax! Customize your wrapping by using old maps or gift bags, new kitchen towels (part of the gift too) around wine bottles, Bee’s Wrap (pictured above) on a pie, reused ribbons, butcher’s twine, and embellish with a bundle of wrapped herbs or evergreens. Let the kids color on a paper grocery bag by tracing cookie cutters. To us, wrapping gifts is almost as fun as giving gifts. Lastly, never underestimate the power of a handwritten note!

Let’s pretend you’ve gotten everything for everyone on your list. All you’ve got left to do is bake some cookies, preorder a couple pies from the Co-op Bakery, and make your signature roasted nuts – but that’ll happen later. For now, put on the holiday music, light the pine-scented candle, and let the gift wrapping creativity ensue.

Make your list...Blog-2017-wrap all night_3.jpg

The Viroqua Food Co+op has a plethora of gift ideas, stocking stuffers, and in general – delicious things for you and yours this Holiday Season...

  • Gold or silver wrapped coins are not real money but are dark or milk chocolate. While delicious for all recipients, it’s also traditionally gifted as “Hannukah Gelt!”
  • Many options of 2018 wall calendars and engagement books are here for the upcoming year.
  • A person that burns candles will always love a gift of a candle! Pictured are Big Dipper Waxworks beeswax candles shaped like ornaments or Sunbeam Christmas tree shaped candles.
  • That cute box of goat milk caramels is from Big Picture Farm of Vermont. The names and sketches of their goats are on the sides of the box, too.
    So cute!


Blog-2017-wrap all night_4.jpg

...check it twice!

Remove wrapped candy (candy canes, truflles, etc.) from their package and tie to the top of gifts; next level wrapping, for sure! 

  • Divine Mini Bars and Seattle Chocolates Truffles – gift the whole bag or split them up and tuck into multiple stockings.
  • Zum offers such quality, aromatic, fine essential oil blends in soaps, body/room sprays and lip balms. Look for Bah Hum Zum (peppermint/almond scented) and Christmas Chi (spruce/sage). The Zum Bar (frankincense/myrrh) offers the hardest working scent of the bunch.
  • Palo Santo or Juniper Ridge White Sage Smudge Sticks will keep those ghosts of Christmas past at bay.
  • The soft glow of an Evolution Salt lamp will warm even the coldest of rooms.

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