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Posted by Ethan Schandelmeier on Wed, Apr 06, 2022 @ 10:27 AM

BlogImage-2022-FOBWith over 18 years of experience as a meat cutter and manager, our in-house butcher Ethan Schandelmeier is an extremely valuable attribute for our community. His dedication and passion for locally sourcing animal products, coupled with his butchery skills, help us to have the freshest heritage-breed pork, grass-fed beef patties, house-made brats and more. 

In Ethan’s care, we’ve grown accustomed to such specialties as: custom cuts of beef, steaks, bratwursts, sausages, half chickens, burgers, pork chops and kabobs for grilling. Let’s not forget the fresh, sustainably harvested seafood including salmon, cod and walleye. We’re gonna let Ethan take it from here and report on what’s happening in the VFC Meat Department.

For Easter, we are prepping our department with holiday hams, wild caught salmon, and rack of lamb.

As food costs rise, we monitor price changes carefully and make buying decisions to ensure that we continue to provide sustainably raised and humanely harvested meats. In the case of drastic price increases, we may decide to purchase a product in smaller quantities – or to not buy it at all. If you are missing something you love or have a question about something new, our knowledgeable staff in the meat department are always happy to help. 

With the arrival of spring comes so much to lighten the mood for us all. There’s outdoor games, biking and hiking, but you’ll find me outside filling the valley with the delightfully odiferous emanations of smoked meats. Protein kissed by open flame brings us together. From cave to mansion, we love to huddle around a fire wafting of tastiness and that perfect balance of flavors we crave. 

This spring, try something fun and courageous to celebrate making it through yet another Wisco’ winter. For me, it’s a side of salmon brined overnight, smoked with a honey lemon & brown sugar glaze, served with a fresh citrus quinoa salad and lemon garlic parmesan roasted potatoes.

Above all, we value our direct to farmer/producer relationships and encourage you to consider where your meat comes from... and do your best to buy local and sustainably raised meats whenever possible.

Ethan Schandelmeier, Meat & Seafood Manager

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