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EXPANSION UPDATE: March 30, 2016

Posted by Jan Rasikas, General Manager on Wed, Mar 30, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

On March 29, after considerable discussion, the City Council voted 6 to 3 in favor of closing 132 feet of Center Avenue directly behind the Co-op. Today, I’m informing our NCG Development Co-op (DC) team that we’ve taken a step toward what type of expansion – on site!
We all know the VFC must grow in some way to alleviate significant issues: $7 million of sales through three check stands is hard on our cashiers, we sell nearly $5,000 daily from the Deli in a kitchen built for $1,000, not enough seating is limiting our ability to serve owners and draw new customers, etc. But, the scope of the expansion is still undecided; first we need to check our assumptions against how the owners feel about it with survey data.  

Thank you all for your efforts and support in this process. The significant amount of study and learning we’ve done both operationally and at the Board level, will pay off when it’s time to make good decisions for the future of VFC.

Go Co-op! 

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