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Book Review: The BIG BOOK of KOMBUCHA

Posted by Shana Meshbesher on Fri, Jul 08, 2016 @ 03:00 PM



Kombucha_Book_Cover-RGB.jpgDo you remember the transiton of being a kid who couldn’t read to one who did? Now, think of how it felt when you picked up a Webster’s Dictionary – it’s like the whole world was contained in those pages. Sure, the sheer weight of it was enough to give any kid spelling bee anxieties.

Despite being a truly awesome amalgamating lexicon, it has always been the good ol' trusty book that one turns to for clarification, interpretation and black-and-white definition of illuminating clarity and knowledge. It may very well be my dorky, undying admiration for the dictionary, but I want to tell you The BIG BOOK of KOMBUCHA is the equivalent for kombucha brewers, and OH-So-Much More!

For those of you not familiar, Kombucha is a drink that ferments sugar and tea water with the use of a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), and is surprisingly easy to make. Not only is it a more affordable way to get your fix, it’s also super-fun to "custom craft" your own health tonic. Sandor Katz’s foreword concludes it best when he says "I hope that as this book is your gateway to kombucha; kombucha will be your gateway to fermentation." And it’s true!

 Kombucha-SummerBreeze-RGB.jpg     Kombucha-Berries-RGB.jpg     Kombucha-BourbonnBooch-RGB.jpg      Kombucha-Candied_Scoby-RGB.jpg

To start with what this book doesn’t offer is easiest: nothing! This book offers EVERYTHING kombucha-
related, including artistic and colorful illustrations, picture diagrams of healthy SCOBY’s as well as a photo gallery of unhealthy molds, and recipes with Kombucha-Sashimi-RGB.jpgeasy-to-read charts with all the key steps and ingredients. This book has just about every food category covered in the recipe department. Not only does it offer recipes for every season, but for every meal, including edible ideas (SCOBY Sashimi, fruit leathers, shrubs or viniagrettes, anyone?). The list goes on and on! You know, I think I’ll take my dictionary comment back and call this my Encyclopedia of Kombucha instead.

Whether you are a "booch brewer" or find store bought kombucha is becoming too much of an expense, I highly recommend purchasing this book and getting started. Again, as a lover of lexicons and cookbooks, this one is my new favorite and has been gladly occupying kitchen-counter real estate ever since it was gifted to me. Not only is it visually insightful and thorough, it really covers all things kombucha.


Shana Meshbesher, 
Marketing Assistant