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Continued VFC and Driftless Folk School Education Collaboration

Posted by Bjorn Bergman on Fri, Nov 07, 2014 @ 02:25 PM

Driftless Folk SchoolThis past spring, we partnered with local non-profit the Driftless Folk School giving VFC owners a discount on 11 culinary based courses in their Spring/Summer 2014 Course Catalogue as a way to further educate our owners about food and cooking. We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with them once again with their Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Course Catalog. This time there are 19 courses, about 1/3 of their course offerings, are available to VFC owners at a discount. Classes range from homeopathy to building your own cold frame for growing greens in your garden. We hope you enjoy the opportunity to support this growing nonprofit and learn about sustainable agriculture and culinary arts from some great instructors in our community. Discounts for VFC owners are $10 off full day classes and $5 off half day classes. See below for a full listing of DFS classes offered at a discount to VFC Owners. Pick up a course catalogue, download it (, check it out on their website (, or contact DFS at to learn more.

Class: Cooking with Organ Meats
Instructors: Laura Poe
Date: 2/14/15
Description: Organ meat cookery can be a scary task to tackle, but have no fear! Liver, heart, bones and other organ meats can be easy to prepare and delicious enough for the whole family to enjoy. This class is perfect for those who are interested in eating organ meats for their superior nutritional value, but are unsure about preparation, and even taste. Perfect for cooks of all skill levels and anyone with an adventurous palate!
Course Fee: $45/$40 VFC Owners
Supply Fee: $15
Register Here:

Class: Gluten-Free Baking
Instructors: Sarah Bratnober
Date: 2/21/15
Description: In Gluten-free Baking, students will be inspired and equipped to prepare and enjoy breads, pizzas, pies, cakes, and cookies that are made without the gluten protein found in wheat. The requirements for a gluten-free pantry will be covered, including recommended flours and leavenings to have in stock. The pros and cons of imitations vs. alternatives will be explored, as a number of recipes are analyzed, prepared, and sampled in class. Students will receive valuable hand-outs that include recipes for the prepared items, plus GF pantry tips, shopping tips, and coupons. Bring a thermos of coffee or tea to enjoy with the goodies!
Course Fee: $50/$45 VFC Owners 
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Class: Homeopathy
Instructors: Jim Young
Date: 2/21/15
Description: Homeopathy is one of the five major schools of medicine. It is a European based system codified by Samuel Hohnemann in the late 18th century. Its principles go back thousands of years to India’s Ayurvedic medicine and Greece’s Hippocrates. These principles include: “treating like with like”, the existence of a “vital force” which animates and drives the person and focusing on the person’s response rather than their symptoms. The purpose of this class will be to give an overview of the different schools of medicine and show how homeopathy can be used as complementary to other therapeutic approaches. This will be taught as a first-aid class. However, experience has shown that, if the principles are practiced, one will be able to treat a variety of ailments that we normally go to a physician for.
Course Fee: $45/$40 VFC Owners
Supply Fee: $5
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Class: Alternative Beekeeping Methods
Instructors: Charlie Koenen
Date: 3/14/15
Description: Explore honey bees, pollination, community dynamics, and the healing nature of bees and the products they create. Charlie will share special treats from the hive. Everyone will work together to make lip balms and salves from beeswax, propolis, and single­press sunflower oil from the Driftless area. Perfect course to learn how to make balms and salves for yourself and as gifts!
Course Fee: $45/$40 VFC Owners 
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Class: Fruit Tree Grafting
Instructor: Rikardo Jahnke
Date: 3/28/15
Description: Come learn the magic of fruit tree grafting! With this versatile skill you will be able to make your own apple trees at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them and have the tools to clone any apple tree you happen to fancy. In the class we will discuss and demonstrate whip-and-tongue and cleft grafting in detail. The basics of bridge grafting, bud grafting, and topworking older trees will be covered. The care and protection of young trees, selection of rootstocks, sources of grafting scionwood and general apple orcharding will also be discussed. Each participant will have the opportunity to graft three apple trees to take home (Additional rootstock and scionwood will be available for purchase).
Course Fee: $45/$40 VFC Owners
Supply Fee: $18
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Mission of the Driftless Folk School: The mission of the Driftless Folk School is to support healthy, sustainable communities and personal development by providing creative and meaningful educational opportunities and inspiring lifelong learning for individuals and families. Learn more here:

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