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Get ready to garden: VFC has local/organic seeds

Posted by Charlene Elderkin on Tue, Mar 25, 2014 @ 04:48 PM

seed saverAs the growing year approaches we send out blessings for all the seeds we plant. If you didn’t save your own seeds, we hope you’ll come to the VFC for your fresh stock. Ninety percent of our seeds are certified organic this year! And three out of four of the flower and vegetable seed companies we carry are P6 producers! Let’s give you a little run through.

For 39 years, Seed Savers Exchange, a P6 Producer from neighboring Decorah, Iowa has been on the forefront of the heirloom seed movement, working with gardeners to preserve our food heritage. All their seeds are open pollinated, meaning the seed can be saved and planted again, and have not been genetically modified in any way. They maintain a seed bank with thousands of varieties. Each one has a story behind it—you’ll be connecting more deeply with history as you work with these plants. While we carry a relatively small selection of their collection, we order often and can special order anything in their lovely catalog for you!

Inspired by the intrigue of living forces, Kathy Shepherd from Gays Mills (P6) has brought her seed saving experience to the public this year. You’ll find her Seed Shepherd packages on our racks (which are organized by like seeds together… roots, greens, brassicas, etc.).High Mowing Seeds

We proudly round out our fine selection of certified organic seeds with packages from the reputable and successful company, High Mowing Organic Seeds from Vermont. We’ll have some specialties like fava beans (to be planted when cool outside), Kaboko napa cabbage, and Kaitlin white cabbage (which are great for kimchi and sauerkraut respectively). All in all, we’ll have a total of 23 kinds of tomatoes, 7 kinds of peas, 12 kinds of lettuce, plus 4 different salad mixes for your growing pleasure and fresh eating delight! And all at below catalog prices!

As if all that isn’t exciting enough, this will be the first year that some seeds will be in our Basics program. Most of the plain white packages from Fedco, a seed co-op from Maine, are only $1.99 each, while still being certified organic AND from a P6 producer! Please note there are a few exceptions, like larger sized “B” packages and special varieties not found from other companies, like parsnips, baby white turnips and cutting celery (a parsley-like plant that tastes like celery).

Can you say “13 varieties of potatoes?” They’ll be arriving soon from organic certified growers Vermont Valley Community Farm in Blue Mound, Wisconsin… another P6 producer!
seed potato display
We gardeners know that healthy food comes from healthy soil. So in our efforts to help you build soil we will again carry some bulk cover crop seed! Varieties will include white clover, red clover, rye and buckwheat.

We are pleased to bring you organic and P6 choices for all your gardening needs. If you’re looking for more help, feel free to consult our laminated ring-bound informational packet, or just ask me—Arwyn!

Arwyn Wildingway
Asst Produce Manager, Master Gardener

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