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Viroqua Food Co-op is expanding

Posted by Charlene Elderkin on Thu, Oct 24, 2013 @ 02:15 PM

Our Co-op is growing! More owners, more sales, more great tasting fresh organic and local foods. For the VFC staff, this means we’re always looking to bring in products you’re asking for. Our job is to find room for exceptional new products, too. Sometimes the logistics of getting this great tasting food to Viroqua is a challenge. After all, we’re a small, rural community not even close to major highways that most food travels on (not that we mind this part), but that’s only a piece of the problem. Even our local vendors and farmers need to limit their deliveries per week—they carefully balance their time between the field, the kitchen and the delivery truck. This means we need to hold enough product behind the scenes to get us to the next delivery, week by week.

For now, our Co-op’s retail shopping capacity is meeting our needs (it’s getting tight!). When we built on Main Street in 2005, we intentionally pushed the typical ratios of retail to backroom to give more area to the retail space. This created our seating area and the space we enjoy today when we shop. In the last 8 years, we’ve taken steps to relieve pressure on our backroom spaces by reorganizing our offices to make more room for buyers and managers. Two years ago we moved administrative folks into the apartments across the street to try and stretch our space again.

It’s time to reinvest in our business to accommodate growth! You may have noticed a little action at our loading dock. We’re getting ready to add important square footage to our back room to give us more freezer, cooler and receiving space. Our lot line on the south side (Walgreens side) narrows as it heads toward Main Street. The landscaping you see that’s closer to Main Street is shared between Walgreens and VFC, so most of the addition will be near our current loading area.FLOOR PLAN VIROQUA DIAGRAM 8

Safety in the VFC parking lot as well as between the Co-op and Walgreens is of the utmost importance during the construction. We will no longer be able to walk through the landscaping to get to Walgreens. The entire project is planned to take less than 12 weeks.

Thank you Co-op Owners for investing in your business. Thank you for your patience during theconstruction process. We’re growing because more and more of our community wants fresh, local and organic foods. Ready, set, grow!

Jan Rasikas, General Manager

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