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A Holiday Gift Guide for Viroqua Food Co-op Shoppers

Posted by Crystel Curley on Fri, Nov 25, 2016 @ 06:30 AM

2016-Merc-1.jpgIt has been said that giving is good for you, as it strengthens bonds and evokes feelings of gratitude. It turns out laughing, crying, and hugging are really good for you too. Reducing stress and releasing endorphins, in science terms, all stimulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS: i.e., the “rest and digest” system; opposite of the “fight or flight” system). Activating the PSNS can do awesome things in your body like promote healing, build immunity, aid in digestion, and even lower blood pressure. Turns out all of these actions – giving, hugging, crying, and laughing – tend to happen with higher frequency around the HOLIDAYS! Don’t forget: all are important parts of social connection, human interaction, and family functions.

I know we may have finally recuperated from last year’s ups & downs, but here we are here again. Let’s pretend you already have your Christmas tree up and house already decked out. Alright, maybe you’ve merely untangled your first string of lights. Either way, let’s get this party started with some food – then on to shopping for the stocking stuffers. The good news is that the VFC has your bases covered, or a good chance we have something pretty darn close.

Gifts they will love!

2016-Merc-2.jpgOur shelves are bursting with many gift options for under your tree. Whether your friends are your family or your family members are your friends, we’ve got something for everyone.

  • The 2017 wall calendars and engagement books will bring organization – or at least bit of artistic beauty and inspirational words each month.
  • The puzzles were such a success last year, we brought them back with a few new fun designs.
  • The colorful tin pencil boxes and variety of journals aim to please. 
  • Our local Wisconsin Roots Music Cooperative CD is a sure hit this holiday; great music, one-of-a-kind cause.
  • Teapots and coffee presses pair so nicely with the seasonal tea and chocolate offerings.
  • Candles of all sizes, scents and wax varieties will add ambiance and light to the house, while the kitchen towels and aprons help deck the halls.


Stocking Stuffers!

2016-Merc-3.jpgThese small things don’t even need to be wrapped, just stuff everyone’s stocking! An assortment of journals are only 4"x6" but still hold many great ideas. Big Dipper Wax Works Aromatherapy Candle Tins are always on my list of gifts to give and actually fit inside the colorful pencil tins. Holiday chocolates are here: dark and milk chocolate truffle bars from Seattle Chocolates; peppermint-flavored Little Secrets candies; mini-chocolate bars from Divine Fairtrade Chocolates. Be creative and have fun, we really do think there’s a little something for everyone here at the VFC.

Happy Holidays!