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Run for the VFC Board of Directors

Posted by Elizabeth Tigan on Fri, Jun 04, 2021 @ 03:33 PM

BlogImage-2021-Run for the BoardGreetings Dear VFC Community! 

As I write this, fields are being worked, greenhouses are filling up, and sheep and cows are being let out on pasture. It has been a long winter and a long year and our efforts are turned toward the growing season. As a food co-op, we place our greatest aim on providing our members and community with healthy food. Our co-op and Garden Center are here to help grace our gardens and tables with the sweet summer celebration of flowers, fruits and vegetables. 

As we prepare our gardens with our thoughts already on the harvest, it is also time for the VFC to steer our minds toward preparing for the annual meeting and the autumn election for the Board of Directors (BoD).

It seems early to think about these things, but with a membership of now over 4,200 people – planning ahead is necessary! This year, board candidacy applications are due June 30th. There are some requirements to be eligible for candidacy. For instance – you must be a member in good standing (ownership must be in your name), and you must attend at least one board meeting before the beginning of the election! We have at least 10 annual meetings; only the June & August meetings remain before the election begins. The position is also a three-year commitment, not to be taken lightly. The Co-op Board is primarily responsible for the financial wellbeing of the VFC, so having some business background is helpful but not required. Most importantly the BoD acts in the best interest of the Co-op members. 

Please review the information provided in our updated candidacy packets – available in store at the Customer Service Desk and online at: Reach out to me if you are interested in running. I am happy to walk you through the steps and discuss requirements. There are many benefits to running for the VFC Board, but most importantly we are glad to spend time in service to the community and the membership as a whole, ensuring the Co-op meets the goals set forth in our ends statement! The VFC exists so that our community is empowered. 

The election cycle for the Co-op runs so that every year we have two or three open seats for any co-op member to run for three-year terms. This year, Peter Bergquist and I are up for re-election. We both hope to be able to continue our work with the Board and both hope to continue to serve the members of the Viroqua Food Co+op.

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