Winter Squash: 'cause Summer ain't No Spring Chicken!

Posted by Shana Meshbesher on Fri, Oct 07, 2016 @ 05:43 AM

Winter Squash

The Name's Squash, Winter Squash...

Although I love summer, the multitude of squash varieties have a way of warming my heart and my belly with the joys of autumn! With 8 new local, organic varieties now in store – let's dig in!

Stuffed Squash Leads to Freestyle Baking!

I've tried a ridiculous amount of stuffed squash recipes and all have been just as good as the next! Why? Because you can take any cooked combo of "whole grains + veggies (&/or meat)" that you prefer, combine it with halved-squash and voilà! Plus as the weather chills down, these recipes are a two-for-one as it allows you to heat the house as you bake 'em in the oven! 

Where to begin: CLICK HERE for Stuffed Squash Recipe Ideas!

Congratulations Are In Order!

The VFC election has come to a close... Thank you to all 4 VFC Board Candidates who ran for the 3 open seats. As well, we sure appreciate Leslie Kruempel & Luke Zigovits for their YEARS of service as our Board of Directors! 

Newly elected for the 3 year terms are: Larry Homstad (Incumbent), Eric Snowdeal (New Candidate) & Karen Mischel (New Candidate). Congratulations!


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