A Realist Invites an Idealist to Thanksgiving Dinner...

Posted by Shana Meshbesher on Thu, Nov 10, 2016 @ 05:55 AM

Holiday Meal Planning

"A realist invites an idealist to Thanksgiving dinner."
Awww, you probably thought I was kidding, didn't you?

This blog has been modified to intentionally optimize your upcoming holidays! Want a little frosting on this cake? VFC is open 7am-1pm on Thanksgiving Day, otherwise DAILY 7am-9pm! 

Please – don't hate me for wanting to help you with the planning that goes into this potentially complex meal making 2 weeks ahead of schedule – hate the system. All joking aside, we at the VFC are here to make your life easier so let's problem solve together!

Got Food Allergens? No Problem!

We have Non-GMO/no corn syrup/VEGAN marshmallows (and yet they taste impressively the same as the junk-food ones), a couple different types of gluten-free stuffings, and heck – we even have meat-free roasts if you or your guests call for that! Looking for dairy or grain alternatives? Just ask our staff, we'll point you to what we have available!

Your Turn to Make the Turkey? No Problem!

Need a quick guide to turkey sizes, thaw and cook times, as well as key reminders to make it delight even GoldiLocks? Yeah, we do too. JUST CLICK HERE for turkey preparations & cooking tips!

Want a recipe that redefines how easy, yet how delicious a turkey can be? Stop in either This Thursday/TODAY or next week, Thursday, and try Carlos's Fennel Spice Rubbed Turkey (recipe here) on our Thursday Hot Bar (menu here)! Not only is it a showstopper, the recipe comes with instructions, tips, AND a video tutorial!

Looking for a Good Deal? (Aren't We All?!)

Non-VFC Owners: grab a "fresh deals" and "co+op deals" flyer when you come in the store – they are guides that tip you off to some of the best savings! To top those off, BASICS items help keep your shopping game on point and your bank not busted, yet your menu can stay organic & Non-GMO!

VFC Owners: for every whole turkey you purchase from November 13-23, score a FREE PINT OF FRESH, ORGANIC & LOCAL CRANBERRIES! Frozen turkeys are available now; fresh ones come next weekend (1st come, 1st serve – no reservations necessary)! While we also have big, beautiful hams (your choice of bone-in: spiral-sliced or traditional), these do not come with free cranberry pints.

VFC Expansion:

IDEALISTS: I say this more as a prayer, a positive affirmation if you will,
and ask that you repeat it with me: 
"Phase 1 of the extended VFC Parking Lot
will be complete by the week of Thanksgiving!"

Now we have to say it four more times, knock on the nearest wood three times,
then do two spins on one foot. ShammaLamma-DingDong, and now it is so!

REALISTS: "Grocery Pick Up Still Available." Heh heh heh, the best laid plans, right?!
If you have a big load of groceries, our Front End Staff is happy to bring your groceries out to your vehicle if you would like to drive up to the store. Allow us an opportunity to make your life a little easier today!

...If a realist is faced with optimism, will they smile?
With plenty to be grateful for, let's find out together, ay?!

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