Cereal Sales, Local Immunity Supplements, Free Events & More!

Posted by Shana Meshbesher on Fri, Feb 23, 2018 @ 12:12 PM

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Buy Cascadian Farm & Support Soil Health!

Join us tomorrow for Cereal Saturday from 9-11am when we offer free samples of the Cascadian cereals that are on sale through next Tuesday. We're showcasing these for this Saturday's sample day because Cascadian Farm believes in organic farming to build healthy soil. They also believe in supporting research that can positively impact our planet’s climate. When you buy any Cascadian Farm product at the Co-op from now-February 27 they’ll donate 3% of your purchase to The Land Institute! (Max donation $25,000.) 

Click here to learn more about The Land Institute


Elderberries: Anti-viral Immunity Boosters!

We know it has been a rough cold and flu season simply based on how many times our Wellness Team has replenished the shelves. You will see lots of "out of stock" tags; while we wish we could control these, it's a nationwide issue. The manufacturers of Boiron issued a statement that due to the extremes of this season, out of stocks are rampant, but they are working diligently to replenish the 30 count packages of Oscilliococcinum – though we are still waiting...

Let's be clear though – even though elderberry is a seasonal product, we're fully stocked on very effective, high quality, even "LOCAL" viral-fighting supplements in the elderberry section. We've got tinctures from our local awesome Four Elements Herbals, as well as 100% Elderberry Juice from local producer River Hills. Though our Sambucol syrup suppliess are slowly dwindling, the industry has been meeting the demand on this amazing berry, in all its forms. If you are feeling like you need that little extra something in your medicine cabinet to help you stay in front of viral bugs, check out our terrific selection of elderberry products in the Wellness Department!

Weekly Job Status Report 2018-2-16.jpgBIG Expansion Updates!

Have you checked out our Expansion Updates Blog lately? We're always posting updates here, as well as on Facebook, to keep you in-the-know on such details!

CLICK here for expansion updates to know about the upcoming changes happening very soon at the Co-op! As always – thank you for your patience as we are #scalingdownbeforewescaleup in the very near future!


More Sales & Deeper Discounts!

We are up to three pages of sales every week on our current sales page. These deals are deeper discounts than ever – and our organic prices compare with the average store's conventional prices! More sales can be found in-store than what you can find on the sales flyer so stop in and shop the sales today.


Upcoming Free Events!

Be sure to check out our regularly updated calendar on our website for more details on the following events:

  • March 6-8: VFC Owner Discount Days #AdultingNeverTastedSoGood!
  • March 10, 9-11am: Coffee with the Board #WhoDoesntLoveFreeConversationCoffeeAndScones?!
  • March 16, 7pm: Last movie screening in Winter Film Series #FamilyFriendlyPlusFreePopcorn!

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