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Posted by Shana Meshbesher on Thu, Apr 14, 2016 @ 05:53 PM

Sneeze-onal Blog

Seasonal Allergies or Lingering Winter Colds/Flus? Consider Pro-active, Preventative & Recuperative Options!

Looking for options to keep itchy, watery eyes, sore throats, coughing, wheezing and sniffly sneezing at bay? Here's where you can start... 

  • Kickapoo Honey - RAW!
    While allergy shots may be essential, consuming raw and non-pasteurized honey regularly may contribute to a decrease in such seasonal allergen-provoked symptoms! The concept is called "immunotherapy". In all my self-conducted tests of consuming local, raw honey daily/seasonally to test this theory – I found that I'm personally more allergic to grass, dust and molds – not brightly colored flowers that make up local honey. Although, my increase in honey consumption led me to a reduced "sweet tooth" now that I'm acclimated to the flavor of honey or maple syrup instead of sugar – which keeps my pH levels and metabolism more balanced (vs. processed sugars), and therefore leaves my immune system more capable of fighting the latest seasonal sick-bug that is going around. So let's get real, there's only one way to find out if raw honey works for you. Replace your morning spoonful of sugar with raw honey with coffee or cereal and test the effects! For a few years now, I've studied the magical world of honey, along with bee pollen, bee propolis and royal jelly – and for brevity-sake, recommend the following article to be the most comprehensive summation of this natural medicine (CLICK HERE).

  • Urban Moonshine ALLER-BLAST, DIGESTIVE BITTERS & Wild Harvest NETTLE!
    Needing a more urgent pro-active/preventative solution to seasonal allergies? Consider Aller-Blast made from fresh stinging nettle, reishi mushroom, bitter artichoke, elderflower and red clover – which can be taken daily and long-term! Also consider going with a Nettle capsule (OR the fresh stuff will be out in the Produce Department any day now)! This wild weed is an easy way of supporting your body's normal histamine-producing response so you can feel supported during allergen exposure. Digestive Bitters: it seems essential to throw bitters into this conversation since a healthy gut leads to healthy immune responses. If consuming nettles won't tickle your fancy, lean on bitters to get bitterness back into your pallet. Your entire digestive process will thank you! 

  • NetiPots!
    Clogged nasal passages and facial pain is miserable, no one will argue this. Even though I'll be the first to admit my water-up-the-nose phobia that sets me into a fight-or-flight-panic, I have found such incredible relief from this nasal irrigation system, my nervous system takes well to my mantras. Chant them with me if that's what it takes to use the neti and regain your seasonal composure: ...The neti pot is 1,000's of years old from Ayurvedic tradition... Many have used it and they survived... The neti thins out mucus and therefore decreases whatever head tension we're dealing with... The neti won't hurt us... The neti pot is like a nostril-friendly-genie-lamp coming to grant our wishes of tension relief... Love the neti... Love the neti...  Repeat it with me... 


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