I sing these products electric... Join me in song for NYE/New Years Day Celebrations!

Posted by Shana Meshbesher on Fri, Dec 30, 2016 @ 07:42 PM

Navel Oranges

It's the time of the sea-ea-son for ci-trus (& loving citrus, of course)!

You may not have known it, but in case you haven't tried any oranges yet this season – Hohansen's are the ones you've been waiting for and they're finally in!

    • EXCEPTIONAL DEALS ON CITRUS right now... For starters, grab a 10# bag of these really juicy, fresh, in-season-now, navel oranges from California for $12.99. Or grab a 2# bag of lemons for $3.99. 

...But the fruit of the poooor lemon is impossible to eat!

    • Yeah, I know. BUT did YOU know that even though lemons and limes are acidic – you should start your day with a water & some lemon/lime juice. Here's why:
      They are Alkalizing, Cleansing, Detoxifying, Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Supports Healthy Digestion, Contain Phytochemicals that are High in Anti-oxidant & Anti-cancer Properties, Therapeutic on Sore Throats, Dry Skin, Can Relieve Heartburn, Good Source of Vitamin C, Calcium, & many more...

BlogPhoto_Limes and Lemons.jpg

    • NOTE: lemons & limes are also really delicious in alcoholic beverages... Like everything in life, consume in moderation!


Speaking of alcoholic beverages ~ tiiiiiiii-ny bubbles & wine make me happy, make me feel fine!

Best selection of bubbly we've had in a while!

    • We are not only loving on the organic prosecco and korbel brut but if you are a VFC Owner, you can actually take $2 OFF the Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé (far right in photo)... All of these are just delightful - Don Ho would surely approve!

BlogPhoto_Cheese Reset.jpg

Cheese Case, starin' at the Cheese Case, starin' at the Cheese Case... CHEESE CASE!

When in doubt, come check out our reorganized Cheese Case and find something to Gobble Gobble!

    • Not only has our entire cheese case been reorganized, you will find some local and regional fresh cheese favorites in there that we haven't had in a while! 

BlogPhoto_Olli Salami.jpg

While we don't know what you are doing this New Year's Eve...

We've got delicious treats for you to eat, even if you aren't going out!

    • Olli Salami's are really taking a front seat on our cutting boards. They make a scrumptious snack with some cheese, wine, or even on their own is just fine!



Sunday, January 1: VFC open limited hours

We're open DAILY 7am-9pm, except for this Sunday... Stop in from 10am-7pm!

Wednesday, January 4: Viroqua SOUP Event @ The ARK

Don't forget to attend the next "SOUP" event at The ARK. BYOB (bring your own bowl) and $5 and in exchange you will get 1 vote... This event is NOT TO BE MISSED. It has the power to make a difference – but only if you show up! See more information on Viroqua Chamber of Main Street's Facebook event when you CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, January 11: Wisconsin Local Food Pre-Summit Event

Viroqua Food Co-op is co-sponsoring this upcoming event. Learn more about this kick-off event when you CLICK HERE!

DUE JANUARY 15, 2017:
P6 Microlending Initiative Applications

Any local farm or business selling food or products to VFC or at the Viroqua Farmers Market can apply for a 1-year, no-interest loan of up to $3,500. Through the VFC P6 Microlending Initiative, VFC aims to strengthen small, local farmers and producers that are part of our local food system. CLICK HERE for more information on how to apply!

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