Bye-bye, Miss American Pie

Posted by Shana Meshbesher on Fri, Nov 18, 2016 @ 05:55 AM

Pie Time

Let's not get all pie and mighty!

Feeling adventurous with your pies this year? We've got plenty of BULK FLOUR OPTIONS to get your crust just right:

  • regular (white, unbleached flour)
  • non-regular (organic wheat, whole spelt and 7 grain flours)
  • gluten free flours and so many more; located both in BULK & GROCERY!

Have an inventive idea for the filling but intimidated to make the crust? Just grab one of the MONIQUE'S PIE CRUSTS from our freezer section... Shhh, no one has to know!

Apple Pie

Have you heard of INGLORIOUS FRUITS & VEGETABLES (click for link)?

If you agree with us that ugly fruits & veggies should not only get sold in stores (instead of thrown in the trash), but also be slightly discounted – then pick up a 9LB. "KITCHEN MIX" APPLE BAG and don't think twice. While the outsides may look rough, these locally grown apples weigh in at over 9 pounds per bag, are definitely less expensive, and are perfectly suitable to go into baked dishes...

Sweet Potato Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie...

I felt I was a couple varieties short of a sounding like a Forrest Gump quote about shrimp, but you get the idea, right?! We've got ingredients for you to start from scratch, but if that isn't your tempo next week, pre-order a pie (72 hours in advance) and get $1.00 off per pie. If you buy one while we're sampling them this weekend, you can save by using a sampling coupon – so be sure to stop in during that time to save (info. below)!


I forgot to tell you last week that with every whole turkey you purchase from now until Wednesday, November 23, you not only get a FREE PINT OF FRESH, ORGANIC & LOCAL CRANBERRIES, but you also get a $3.00 OFF Coupon for your turkey! Discounts are applied at the registers, no coupons necessary, you just need to be a VFC Owner to get the offer!

Both frozen and fresh turkeys are now in, so select the perfect size you want before they get picked over. Especially if selecting frozen, grab the right one now so you can start defrosting, then preparing a brine or an herbed rub – if you are so inclined (easy to understand directions & tips here)!


Sampling Friday, 3-6pm: try TOFURKY (turkey alternative suitable for vegans)!
Sampling Saturday, 11-2pm: sample our HOUSEMADE PIES (pre-order and get $1.00 OFF)!

VFC is OPEN 7am-1pm on Thanksgiving Day, otherwise DAILY 7am-9pm!


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