We're coming in HOT with these Super Bowl Recipes & Sales!

Posted by Shana Meshbesher on Thu, Feb 02, 2017 @ 02:22 AM

VFC Game Day Recipe Ideas

Hosting a Super Bowl Party?

We have recipe ideas sprinkled throughout the store in every department to help you brainstorm potential snack foods to feed your crowd! Want ideas before you do your shopping? CLICK HERE to check out recipes for Feisty 5 Spice Chicken Wings, Sriracha Glazed Turkey Meatballs, Rustic Artichoke Spinach Dip, and so many more!

Attending a Super Bowl Party?

If potluck parties are your style and you are running short on time – just stop in our Deli! Today through Saturday, we will have Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese Dip, Hot Wings by the pound with Blue Cheese Dressings on the side, and even Pulled Pork with a Citrus Slaw side salad. Grab it before it's gone, put it in your own bowl, then bring it to the party and tell everyone YoU made it – we won't say a word!

If even those ideas are too complicated, just pick up some pre-cut veggies in Produce and a bag of chips in the beer aisle. Stop over in the Deli and grab one of the dips to go with 'em. Can't get more simple and delicious than veggie bites and tortilla chips dipped in a bowl of hummus or spicy guacamole!





Stop in from 11am-2pm to sample some Freshly-made Guacamole Dip! As well, organic & fair trade avocados are on sale this week for 99¢ each (that's less expensive than some conventional avo's elsewhere) so if you don't love how we made it, take some home and make it jussssssst right!

Speaking of sales...

New Fresh Deals, Owner Deals, & Co+op Deals

CLICK HERE to view some of the items that are on sale this week (even more in store)!

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