VFC Expansion Updates, Almost Halloween & Support Co-ops!

Posted by Shana Meshbesher on Fri, Oct 14, 2016 @ 05:43 AM

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October is Co-op Month, Fairtrade Month & Non-GMO Month!

With the changing of seasons, we keep changing our featured products to remind you of the great producers we all support when you purchase products from other co-ops, or products that are fairtrade and non-gmo. Stop in and check out what we're featuring today!

Pumpkins, Gourds & Other Autumn Decorations!

P6 Producer Sweet Springs is our main local supplier of jack o' lantern pumpkins & gourds in many different shapes, colors, and varieties. We also have some extra large jack o' lantern pumpkins from P6 Producer Harmony Valley. They are super comparable to prices around town, too ($.79-$6.99, with Mum Flowers still being stocked from The Flower Basket at $7.99/ea)! Support local farmers when you purchase these! 

Gather ideas on how to decorate with limited time and ease when you CLICK HERE!

La Riojana: Support Fairtrade Co-ops as well as Superior Wine at an Affordable Price!

It should be evident based on what we choose to blog about each week but as a reminder, we try to go the extra mile to support mission-aligned producers. Not only is La Riojana Co-op wine (and olive oil) completely affordable, but nationwide co-ops are the only grocers to carry these Fairtrade, "soon to be" certified USDA organic products.

PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO about the village of Tilimuqui where La Riojana Co-op is located – and learn more about the FIRST Fairtrade-funded school in Argentina!

More VFC Expansion Updates: Now Available!

While we recognize our parking situation is less than ideal for the next few weeks, we want to reassure you of a couple things: 

  • For your convenience, we've been asked as VFC Staff to refrain from parking on both sides of Center Ave behind Walgreens, as well as Broadway while construction in our 2nd parking lot is happening for the next ~3.5 weeks.
  • If you have a big load of groceries, our Front End Staff is happy bring your groceries out to you if you would like to drive up to the store.

Please CLICK HERE to visit our website as we post expansion updates as often as we are able!

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