Up to 8/day to Keep Doc Away: Good Day Chocolate & Apples!

Posted by Shana Meshbesher on Fri, Oct 28, 2016 @ 05:43 AM

Good Day Chocolate, Snowsweet and Mutsu Apples

TIP OF THE DAY: Good Day Chocolate!

While an apple a day may keep the doctor away, half our staff is hooked on these impressively potent chocolate supplements... Grab one before they're gone! 

Good Day Chocolate

They come in Calm, Vitamin D3, Energy and Sleep varieties. Don't be fooled by their size (8 per container = 2 full servings). Here's the chatter reported back from staff.

Calm & Sleep: "Woah, careful!" These seem to work quite well. Prepare yourself properly by only taking 4 of the "Sleep" chocolates and definitely be ready for bed. 

Vitamin D3 Supplement: "Heck-of-a-way to get my D3. Chocolate form? Yes please!" Everyone is starting to slip vitamin D into their supplement routines 'round these parts as we all lose exposure to sunlight during the cold months... 

Energy: "Ahh, I'm a coffee drinker - but these took me to a 'next-level' energy! (and P.S. DON'T eat the whole box in one sitting!) A few co-workers made the mistake of consuming a whole box to "see if they worked." MISTAKE #1. Each piece contains 20mg of caffeine from green tea and vitamins. So technically that is 2 cups of coffee in every box. Don't say we didn't warn you...

Located near the first cash register/check out lane; enjoy (in moderation)!

New Apple Varieties in Now: Mutsus & Snowsweets!

Staff is also hooked on the Snowsweet varieties of apples (now on display when you walk in)! They have a white flesh as pure as a piece of paper, are perfect snacking apples, and pull a "Goldilocks" on the flavor: not too sweet and not too tart, just right!

The Mutsus are great too, similar to Crispins. Hold up great when stored properly, aromatic, sweet and sharp with a juicy flesh.

Ask a Produce Staff Member to sample any variety that you'd like to try next time you come in!

VFC Expansion:

We'll be posting more updates about our punctual project (despite the weather) before the end of this week so be sure to check our EXPANSION PAGE soon!

  • GROCERY PICK UP AVAILABLE: Again, if you have a big load of groceries, our Front End Staff is happy to bring your groceries out to your vehicle if you would like to drive up to the store.


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