I'm wrappin' like a white girl ~ take a Caesar Wrap for a whirl!

Posted by Shana Meshbesher on Fri, Sep 16, 2016 @ 05:43 AM

Sandwich of the Month: Chicken Caesar Wrap

Drink & Sandwich of the Month...

Yeah, I also jump like a short, white girl too. I'm not trying to stereotype myself but I'm 5'2" and my rap game is closer to Shel Silverstein than Jay-Z. Enough banter, let's talk candid sandwich candor...

Chicken Caesar Wraps

Hungry? Want some protein, veggies, and minimal gluten for lunch... Then raise your hands up for these wraps. They're huge and healthy. What more can you ask for?!

Apple Cider

Do you remember back to this spring when there was a "late frost" that hit different parts of our country? If you already forgot or didn't think it mattered – think again... Talk to any fruit tree owner and see what they have to say about this years' fruit production. We'll talk more next week about the different apple varieties that are finally making their way to our shelves... But this week, we give thanks to a plentiful stash of Apple Cider that has arrived. Enjoy it over ice or steamed, but either way - enjoy it, and be grateful for the abundance of healthy and pleasing foods we can get at the Co-op!


  • VFC OWNERS: expect to see another email from me early next week if you haven't voted yet (ONLINE Board Election Link HERE). Otherwise, we will have a station set up in the store next week for your convenience. Voting is a benefit to your ownership so be sure to exercise your rights as a VFC Owner!

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