Pesto & Garlic, Sans-Halitosis; Savor Flavors of Wisconsin!

Posted by Shana Meshbesher on Wed, Apr 06, 2016 @ 04:03 PM


We've Got Your "New & Seasonal" Treats RIIIGHT HEEERE!

You may not believe it yet, but you too can achieve high marks as the next snacking guru – with all Wisconsin products but without the bad breath... Here's whatchya wanna grab:

    Substitute it for basil or ramps in your next batch of pesto (
    click here for Bjorn's Ramp Pesto Recipe, for which you can substitute any of your favorite greens). If you know the health and economic benefits of eating seasonally, well get on board with these extremely nutritious and early-spring powerhouse greens!

    These now come in either a 2 large-bulb pack or for a small amount more, grab one of the containers of pre-peeled cloves – but BE CAREFUL...
         A) They are like a rich, smooth, jelly-like balsamic-tangy, figgy jelly bean so therefore EXTREMELY ADDICTING! That's my definition – but don't take my word(s) for it. Per Mercola's Article (click here), "Aficionados claim the flavor will impress even the most avid garlic-hater, as the pungency and spiciness is gone."
         B) Even though it is found that these don't deliver the same (smelly) perks (nature's "antibiotic") of Allicin, Black Garlic ROCKS in the antioxidant department (see prior link to Mercola for pertinent health information). So consider these yummy clove-nuggets still worth your immunity's time, without the punch-in-the-mouth raw or cooked, fresh garlic flavor.
         C) Lastly, if you have tried them, you'll note we are having a hard time keeping the new pre-peeled clove containers on our shelves, due to popularity. Once you, too, become addicted – be sure to keep your eyes "peeled" for said-containers in the Produce Department... We're doing our darndest keeping them stocked!

    New earth-friendly containers and new cracker flavors, these are a lovely local treat from our P6 Producers "Potters Crackers!" Not just for your snack cupboard – boast of the wonderful flavors that come out of this area next time you create a housewarming gift or foodie-care-package. These are really for all who get delight and excitement out of a truly gourmet treat!