Looking for More Ways to Save?

Plan your shopping trip ahead of time – download the Co+op Deals Sales Flyer & the Weekly Fresh! Sales Flyer from our website here: www.viroquafood.coop/sales


BulkViroqua Food Co+op Bulk Foods

Buying in bulk allows you to cut down on unnecessary packaging and buy only the quantity you need. You also know that you pay for the quality of the product, not the expense of the packaging when you buy in bulk.

Reusing containers: We encourage reusing containers that you bring from home. It saves you money and it helps reduce waste. However, it is very important you consider the following:



Bulk_Herbs_and_Spices-RGB.jpgContainer is clean, dry, and the scoop does not touch your container. This reduces the chance of possible contamination from your container to the bulk bin or from someone else’s container to the bulk bin, back to you. We refuse to refill dirty containers.

Weigh your container before you fill it. Once the container is filled, there is no way to subtract the unknown weight of the container from the final cost. We don’t want to charge you for both the weight of your container and the weight of the product.

Write the PLU number on a tag or on the container so the clerk rings up your purchase correctly. Many items look similar and can be hard to distinguish at the cash registers.

New containers are available in the store for purchase.


Case Orders

Plan ahead and get great prices! VFC Owners receive an additional 10% off the retail price listed on the shelf for full case orders. Use the special order form in the Owner Services Area for any items distributed by UNFI. For non-UNFI products, ask the particular VFC Staff Member in that particular department regarding what you wish to order. READ MORE ABOUT CASE ORDERS HERE!



Co+op Basics

Save with Co+op Basics! You don’t need to be a Co-op Member to get these great prices. Our Co+op Basics Program offers everyday low prices on many popular grocery and household items. From milk to cheese to cereal, you’ll find new low prices on some old favorites.

How can we offer such great prices every day? By joining together with other co-ops, we are able to purchase predominantly certified organic Field Day products as one large group in order to lower costs and in turn, pass that savings on to you. We’re committed to improving our selection so that everyone can find more value when shopping the Co-op.

Look for the "co+op basi¢s" purple signs and Field Day-branded products throughout the grocery aisles.


Co+op Deals

Save with Co+op Deals! You don’t need to be a Co-op Member to get these great prices. Look for the green "co+op deals" signs to find great savings on popular products.