Want to own a grocery store with your friends?

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Join over 4,000 of your friends & neighbors in co-owning the Viroqua Food Co+op!

Here are the ways you benefit from becoming a Viroqua Food Co+op Owner:

  • Receive bonus coupons when you join, plus a free gift if you pay in full.
  • Discounts exclusive to Owners. 
  • Special order discounts of 10% off retail case price when you order by the case.
  • Discount on food and cooking oriented Driftless Folk School classes. Look up specific classes here and utilize your owner number when you see the VFC coupon below the registration information.
  • Participate in co-op governance, elect annual Board Directors or run for an open seat on the Board.
  • Earn a Patronage Refund in profitable years when declared by the VFC Board of Directors.
  • Be actively involved in the economic development of your community through supporting local farmers and food producers.
  • Receive the Pea Soup 20-page quarterly newsletter (online reader).
  • Shape the future of VFC by attending the Annual Owners Meeting and participating in focus groups and surveys.
  • Vote for your favorite local nonprofit organization (NPO) to be a recipient of VFC’s Give Where You Live/"Round Up" Community Donations Program.


How Do I Become an Owner?

1) Fill out an owner application

  • Fill out an owner application available at any register in the store, OR
  • Apply online by filling out the PayPal form on the righthand side of this webpage.

2) Pick a payment option

  • Pay in full and receive a free gift!
    • $75 for a 1-adult household 
    • $150 for a 2-adult household 
  • Begin with an initial payment of $25 (1-adult household) or $50 (2-adult household) to be paid in full within one year.
    • Benefits begin upon the first investment.
  • Once you are paid in full, that's it. There are no yearly renewal fees!

3) Receive your new owner packet

  • Packet contains new owner card and bonus coupons exclusive to new owners.

4) Begin shopping

  • Always provide your owner number to cashier upon each purchase so they can be applied toward any potential Patronage Refunds.

5) Provide us with updated information

  • If you move, change your name, or have a change in household members – be sure to update our records so we can stay in touch with you!


What's the difference between Class A and Class B stock?

With each membership comes shares of Class A & Class B stock!

Your ownership contributes to the Co-op’s capital.

Each adult membership is $75 in VFC stock. This goes towards 1 share of $25 Class B voting stock and 2 shares of $25 Class A stock – all of which is refundable. A 2-adult household would then purchase 2 shares of $25 Class B voting stock and 4 shares of $25 Class A stock.

Two Class A shares must be purchased in addition to the initial Class B stock in order to complete the membership payments for a single equity membership. Check out the Equity Withdrawal Forms by clicking here.

Why does my initial $25 go toward Class B stock first?

This $25 share is the first share purchased by new owners. It gives you immediate membership and voting rights! In order to keep these rights active, the total of $75/owner must be paid in full within 1 year.


Click below to check out the guide for new VFC owners!

2019-April New Owner's Guide