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Raw Vegetable Juicing - easier than you think

Posted by Charlene Elderkin on Mon, Dec 28, 2009 @ 11:46 AM

Since last March, I have been making my own fresh juice every day. It helps that I have a Champion Juicer, albeit over 30 years old, which my husband inherited from a friend. We had used it on occasion without getting into the habit. Back when there were two or three kids at home, it took a lot of prep work to make enough juice for everyone to have just a little bit. Being a jubilant empty-nester, I can now make fresh raw juice as a part of my morning routine in very little time, plus I get a full 12 to 16 ounces instead of a shot-glass full. Another nice perk is my husband gets up after me, so he cleans the juicer after he’s made his juice.

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Posted by Charlene Elderkin on Thu, Aug 20, 2009 @ 03:16 PM

Written by Zeba Due

I recently began educating myself about the raw food diet. My first search on Google came up with 7,110,000 hits. Where to begin? A VFC customer recommended several books and websites as sources to start my journey.

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