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Great Grilling: Kansas City-Style Dry Rub

Posted by Jonah Curley on Mon, Jul 04, 2016 @ 09:17 AM

Dry rubs are a great way to add flavor to meat or veggies, and are very simple to make. You can make this rub at any time and store it in an air tight container for up to six months. I always make a triple batch for those days when I am in a hurry and need a simple meal idea.

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Chicken (or Turkey) & Wild Rice Soup with Homemade Broth

Posted by Laura Poe on Sat, Dec 26, 2015 @ 09:00 AM

There are few foods out there that invoke a feeling of tradition, family and home better than a good chicken soup – the most perfect winter food. Recipes are passed down through generations like folklore, providing nourishment and good health for the whole family. This particular recipe is

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