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Chicken (or Turkey) & Wild Rice Soup with Homemade Broth

Posted byLaura Poe on Sat, Dec 26, 2015 @ 09:00 AM

There are few foods out there that invoke a feeling of tradition, family and Chicken_and_Wild_Rice_Soup-Laura_in_Kitchen-RGB.jpghome better than a good chicken soup – the most perfect winter food. Recipes are passed down through generations like folklore, providing nourishment and good health for the whole family. This particular recipe is made using homemade chicken broth from organic chickens. Slow-cooked broth is an ancient food, and has always been heralded for its health benefits, such as boosting the immune system, healing the digestive tract, and making healthy skin, bones and teeth. Bone broth is packed with minerals, collagen, and the amino acids glyciene and gelatin, known for detoxification and anti-inflammatory properties.

Chicken_and_Wild_Rice_Soup-Bouquet_Garni-RGB.jpgI used wild rice in this recipe because it is a traditional food native to the upper Great Lakes and is still wild harvested in our region today. The recipe calls for soaking it for several hours or overnight before adding it to the soup to help decrease cooking time as well as to make the rice easier to digest. Feel free to use brown rice or a wild rice blend in your soup, but definitely keep the soaking step!

This recipe can easily be doubled if making for a crowd or family gathering, or can be reduced by half for a cozy night in at home. Leftover chicken from making the broth can be used for a delicious chicken salad, in tacos, or on sandwiches. Any extra broth can be served straight up, as a liquid for cooking vegetables, or for more soups. This recipe can also be made with any kind of meat or broth you might already have, like those made from holiday turkey leftovers.



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