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Cabbage and Beet Slaw

Posted byCharlene Elderkin on Thu, Sep 17, 2009 @ 02:31 PM

Our fall seasonal harvest is upon us and now is a perfect time to beef up on the nutritional support that seasonal vegetables have to offer.



Cabbage is an excellent source of manganese, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, fiber, folate, omega-3, sodium, zinc and copper. In addition cabbage is an excellent source of Vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6, K, A, and protein.

Cabbage has anti-inflammatory properties, is believed to help treat peptic ulcers and with abundant Vitamin C, is good protection from free radicals.¹



Beets are loaded with Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and C.  They are also a remarkable source of chlorine, folic acid, iodine, manganese, sodium, potassium, fiber, and carbohydrates.  Although the iron content isn’t high, it is the highest in quality for blood building.  Beets are known for many health benefits such as; anemia, atherosclerosis, blood pressure, cancer, constipation, dandruff, detoxification, gastric ulcer, gall bladder and kidney ailments, gout, liver or bile cleansing, and varicose veins.²



Carrots also contain an array of vitamins such as A, B1, B, B3, B6, C, E, K, Folate, Niacin, Biotin, and pantothenic acid.  They also include boron, calcium, and copper.  Carrots are useful in treatment of night blindness, colds, heart disease, high blood pressure, and supports adrenal gland function.³


Cabbage/beet slaw

½ medium head cabbage, shredded

¼ medium beet, shredded

2 large carrots, shredded

¼ small onion, shredded

1 stalk celery, shredded

1 small green pepper, shredded

3-4 heaping tablespoons mayonnaise

½ teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon parsley flakes

1 teaspoon Italian seasoning

½ teaspoon garlic powder


In a medium mixing bowl add cabbage, beet, carrots, onion, celery, and green pepper.  Stir in mayonnaise, salt, parsley, Italian seasoning, and garlic powder to blend.  Refrigerate for a couple of hours to blend seasonings before serving.




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