Full Case Orders

Get 10% off the retail price when you order by the case.

VFC Owners receive an additional 10% off the retail price listed on the shelf for full case orders only.   If an item is on sale or it is a Coop Basic item you will get the sale or basic price.

Sale prices are honored by the date of delivery, not the date of order. Large orders may require a deposit, we will contact you if needed. You’ll need to ask for assistance with non-UNFI products (such as produce or meat). Please ask for the department buyer for questions on available products. We are happy to assist you with your order!

Order and pick up schedules for UNFI are as follows: order by Saturday – pick up on following Monday after 2pm. Variations in the schedule may occur due to holidays, weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Changes are posted as soon as we know!

To order a case of your favorite food from the Co-op, here’s how to proceed:

  • Full case sizes are noted in the UNFI catalog or on the shelf tag. Products sold as an ‘each’ require an order minimum of 3 to receive the 10% discount. For non-UNFI products, ask for the department buyer.
  • When ordering cases of sale items, make sure the product will arrive on the Monday before the sale ends. The ending date of the sales is denoted on the bottom right corner of the sale signs. Discounts of any kind, including case orders, are not offered on the following products: milk, bread made by local or regional vendors, beer, any sale item including co+op deals, basics, and weekly specials.
  • You may still order an individual product if it is sold as an “each” in the catalog (if you want to try something that we don’t sell, for instance), but it will come in at the regular retail price.
  • For products ordered that are not currently on the shelf at the Co-op, use the SRP (Suggested Retail Price) in the catalog as a guide to calculate your approximate case discount of 10% off. Prices are subject to change as most catalogs are only printed approximately 3 times a year. Your cost is adjusted based on the invoice from the supplier if needed.
  • The Co-op offers no guarantee that the item you order is available. Items are discontinued without notice to us. If an item is on back order or temporarily unavailable, we will contact you and ask if you want to re-order.
  • Some of our suppliers charge extra for shipping. Any freight charges attributable to your order are added to your total.

Most case orders arrive within a week of ordering and reminder calls are made if necessary. You may seek out a staff member or inform your cashier that you would like to pick up your special order. Owners with special orders ready to be picked up will also be informed by the Cashier at the time of their purchase.

Keg ordering:
The VFC can order Kegs and tappers for your big events. Please contact us at least 2 weeks prior to place your order. This will allow us to contact the vendors and get the variety of beer you are looking for. It will also guarantee it will be available for pick up on time.