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Spring 2020 Board News & Views

Posted on Thu, Mar 19, 2020 @ 10:31 AM

BoD-Elizabeth Tigan

The anticipation that Spring brings is upon us! My favorite e.e.cummings poem talks about the world being “mud-luscious” and after a long winter we are looking forward to mud puddles, grass and GROWTH!

While the Co-op is done with expansion – there is always room for growing into our new space and making the most of it! Last summer we were able to really enjoy our new outdoor space – both our new greenhouse and gardening center as well as our outdoor PARTY area! The folks behind the scenes are working up a full schedule of fun community events for our summer on the patio and that is something that I know my family is looking forward to. We are looking forward to planning our garden and being able to find all sorts of amazing elements to put in the gardens right here at the Co-op.

Another thing we are looking forward to is the influx of fresh produce from our area’s beloved and innovative farmers! The other day I realized how lucky we are to have fresh local greens and spinach all year long. In the grey days of winter, I remind myself every day not to take this amazing area and our co-op for granted. The hard working and resourceful farmers of our area have figured out how to keep the greenhouses going all winter and we all benefit. Our co-op is the vehicle we use to encourage and celebrate these farmers! Let’s keep the celebration going all year long!

Have you noticed the Bulk Department added dried fruits in bulk bins? We are listening to our member owners and working on making more unpackaged opportunities for you to purchase goods in your own containers or with other minimal packaging options. I know I am not alone when I get excited that I remembered to bring my own bags. I am ELATED when I bring my jars and containers for bulk items. If you need a refresher about using the bulk department – PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask. Making sure you have your containers weighed before filling them is a really good start!!

The Board is open to hear about your dreams for our co-op! We wouldn’t be here without someone working toward the dream and sharing it with everyone. See you at the Co-op!


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