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Good Food Needs Good Leadership. Run for the VFC Board of Directors!

Posted on Fri, Jul 08, 2016 @ 07:30 AM

BlogPhoto-Run_for_the_Board.jpgThe Board has been busy finalizing the land purchase of the corner lot on Broadway and Center Avenue. This allows for expanded customer parking and facilitates plans for expanding the Viroqua Food Cooperative Store. There is more on that topic on the Expansion Blog. Also take a look at the Expansion Q&A page.

Besides the fiscal and fiduciary oversight of the Co-op, another important duty the Board has is recruiting VFC Owners to run for the Board and the training of new board members. There are three board seats open for election this year – each are 3 year terms. This year our incumbent Board Members, Leslie Kruempel, Luke Zigovits and Larry Homstad are ending their respective multiple board terms, and we are all very grateful for their service to the Co-op.  

In keeping with the inevitable movement of the calendar, we are asking interested VFC Owners to consider running for and serving on the VFC Board of Directors. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about serving on the Board. Contact me via email at:

If you are interested, download the 2016 Propsective Board Member Packet at:

  1. Ownership paid in full and in applicant’s name
  2. Attend a monthly board meeting by August to allow for face-to-face introduction to current VFC Board Members
  3. Read the Prospective Board Member Packet and fill out the application. APPLICATIONS ARE DUE SUNDAY, JULY 31.

Election voting dates run from September 6 through October 6 (watch for Autumn 2016 Pea Soup to offer candidate information and ballot details). Results are announced at the Annual Owners Meeting on Thursday, October 6.

This is an exciting time at the Viroqua Food Co-op. It is important for all owners to be informed and engaged with the process of electing directors who are charged with listening to owners, providing goals to store management and deciding on the responsible direction for the future of the Co-op.

Yours in Cooperation,
Mike Link, Vice President, Board of Directors