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Participating in Cooperative Governance

Posted on Tue, Sep 06, 2016 @ 07:00 AM

Hopefully you are staying cool and enjoying the abundance of summer we find in our gardens, farmers Newman_Eric_web.jpgmarkets and shelves of the VFC. My first full year as a Board member has been a rewarding and learning experience. I am impressed with the level of focus and awareness of our Board and the leadership of our General Manager Jan Rasikas, as we chart our path forward. We need your participation to insure we stay true to our mission and address the needs of our membership and greater community. The Board members are elected to represent the membership and function as stewards of the Cooperative; we greatly value your input and I encourage you to reach out directly to us, or with the multiple opportunities for your voice to be heard.

On page 12 of the 2016 Autumn Pea Soup, you will see the results of our Owner Survey, and learn more about our expansion planning on page 10-11. Over the past few months the activities pursued by General Manager Jan Rasikas and the Board have insured that the VFC will remain in the downtown for years to come. Our strategic moves to purchase the adjacent property, and petition the city to allow a variance to close Center Avenue, allows us the ability to expand to accommodate the needs of our membership and growth as a business.

Learn about our support of the P6 Cooperative Trade Movement on page 4, which continues to grow as a significant part of our sales supporting small, local and cooperative farmers and businesses. You will also learn more about how the Co-op Community Development Fund supports our local community to stimulate development, which supports our mission, on page 9.

In keeping with my theme of participation,  please do save the date so you can attend our Annual Owners Meeting on October 5th and vote for our new Board members. If you cannot attend, there are ample opportunities to vote online. Participation is key to democracy, and I encourage you to consider service on our Board if you are inclined. It’s gratifying work!

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