Board's Eye View

Growth is in the Air

Posted on Sun, Jul 05, 2015 @ 08:30 AM

Larry-homstadAs summer progresses it’s wonderful to see the store blooming with local produce and products. The amazing bounty of the Driftless Region together with dedicated organic and sustainable farming practices bring the highest quality food to our shelves. Be sure to look for the P6 designation on the shelves to ensure that you are taking advantage of local products and producers.

Our Microlending Initiative has worked wonders this year! Microloans are a little like a good organic fertilizer; it doesn’t take much to make a real difference for our small producers. The products from our Microloan recipients, such as Wisco Pop (soda) and Deep Rooted (tomatoes), are spectacular. Try them all and taste for yourself.

Growth for the Co-op is in the air! The success of our first 20 years has put us in a great position to build the Co-op ideal. With the help of the Co-op Development group, our General Manager and her team are shaping the plans for our next stage. As we work on that next stage, the Board President Curt Brye will be updating the Owners with a new column in each Pea Soup devoted to the latest developments (see VFC Board Update below).

Remember – as an owner, you can run for a position on the Co-op Board later this fall. Contact Leslie Kruempel for information on filing for candidacy at:  Deadline from candidacy is August 6, 2015

We want to welcome Eric Newman to the Board. Eric was appointed to fill an open seat until the 2015 Board Election later this fall when he runs for a full term. Thanks for joining the team, Eric!

Be sure to participate in your Co-op, let us know what you want to know. You can ask questions of any Staff or Board member, (we won’t always have an answer, but we’ll find one for you). Send us emails, make suggestions, and of course, when the time comes, vote!

Yours in Cooperation,
Larry Homstad, VFC Board


In connection with the Board’s goal of enhancing communication with VFC owners, this new section of the Pea Soup Board’s Eye View will summarize highlights of Board activity at the two most recent meetings. You may find further details on these topics in the regular VFC Board meeting minutes located on the VFC web site.

Curt Brye, VFC Board President

Board Meeting – April 15, 2015

  • Monitored Board Agenda Planning for compliance with Policy Governance
  • Discussed and approved Board budget for FY 2015-16
  • Declared Class C dividend payout for FY 2014-15 with mailings to owner-investors beginning in May 2015
  • Continued recruitment efforts for open Board seat and annual Board Election in September/October

Board Meeting – May 20, 2015

  • Continued discussion and visioning regarding expansion plans and Ends Policy
  • Reviewed VFC participation in P6 Program
  • Reviewed quarterly financial results/budget forecast and 2015 Staff Treatment Survey for compliance with Policy Governance
  • Completed GM evaluation process
  • Approved Eric Newman to fill open seat until Fall 2015 Board Election